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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gravesites for Walther and Pieper

C.F.W. Walther was much revered and honored in his day for the beauty of his Christian teaching.  His watch word was "Back To Luther!".  Here are pictures of his grave site and cemetery which show the high esteem in which he was held:

Now below are pictures for the "Elisha" to Walther, Franz Pieper.  He was not buried in Concordia Cemetery with Walther and others from the old Missouri Synod but in a church cemetery on the north side of St. Louis. Perhaps it was the church where he was pastor, I don't know.

These pictures were taken in 2002.  His grave site is located in what is now a poor section of St. Louis.  His grave stone is leaning.  I was told by the pastor of this church then that "Hundreds of markers were removed several years before my time, after vandals had overturned them."  But Dr. Pieper would not mind the poor condition of this cemetery and his headstone for his main interest was to hold fast to true doctrine and to spread the pure Gospel.

Such is the honor for "The American Luther" and "The Twentieth Century Luther".
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Update 1/14/2013:  President Matthew Harrison produced a short video at Pieper's gravesite – see my link to it in a blog post of November 18, 2012.  And today, I ran across a copy of a photo of Pieper's gravestone in the 1931 volume of Der Lutheraner (page 206):
On that same page is a short announcement:
Dr. Pieper is resting next to his daughter preceding his death, not far from the grave of the late Rev. J.F. Buenger, who had developed such a beneficial activity here in St. Louis. The monument cost about $800.  May it remind many of the pure doctrine, the word of the cross, that the fallen asleep proclaimed so faithfully in word and writing!  His memory remains among us in the blessing!

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