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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mysteries of the past (Porchetus, Margaritha and other writers against the Jews)

[Dec. 22, 2014 – updated links for Margaritha's book below]
   Although the scholars have translated and researched Luther and his writings against the Jews, they have managed to bury some key writings of Christian men previous to Luther.   Who are these writers?  They were the ones Luther mentioned in his writings.

   What?  You mean there were other Christian writers who wrote vehemently against Judaism?  Yes, true Christian writers, the ones that author Gerhard Falk and other scholars of today scoff at.
   Who were these writers?

Antonius Margaritha  •  Porchetus Salvaticus  •  Victor von Carben  •  Raymond Martini

   Margaritha and von Carben, who were formerly Jews, converted to Christianity.
   Why can't you go to Amazon, Google Books, your local library or any library in this country to get and read their books?  Because Luther is the lightning rod for today's "scholars" and "theologians" to criticize his anti-Judaism writings.  They think that if they can successfully refute Luther and his high standing in theology, they don't need to refute earlier writers.  They don't need to translate and re-publish these old books.  The translation work for Luther's works is enough.
   But these earlier writers are still alive through Luther... thank God!  Luther translated Porchetus' writing from Latin into German (in Von Schem Hamphoras) so his readers could see immediately the silly, contemptible teachings of the Jews against the Christ. Luther stood with previous Christian writers, not against them... especially where they taught the truth.
   I am most interested especially in Margaritha's book The Whole Jewish Faith (Der gantze Jüdische Glaube:... – here or here) ... I even asked one of today's scholars who published research on him if they would translate his work, but it did not seem possible now for his German is very old and the publisher would probably not support it.  But along with Luther I will honor Antonius Margaritha today for he suffered much for his Christian faith -- the contempt of the Jews and little thanks from the world.

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