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Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Conservative, orthodox" Lutherans... against Luther?... sympathetic to Jews?

   I have yet to find a Lutheran (or any Christian) writer today who follows Luther on his anti-Jewish writings.  Even "Conservative" Lutherans disparage Luther saying (page 16):
Unfortunately, Luther late in life appears also to have accepted at face value many false assertions and stereotypes of the Jewish people...
But Luther would stand before this writer today and blast him and all other modern "theologians" who sympathize with the Jews.  Luther's faith only strengthened in his later years as he realized his early years were somewhat naive about popery and the Jews.  Luther meant what he wrote about the Jews in his later years even though he hated doing it.  Luther himself hated using such crude, "vile", harsh language against the Jews but he could see Christians being sympathetic to Jews then (as they are today) and so wrote harshly as a Christian warning.
  Where are the watchmen today like the old German Missouri Synod fathers who followed Luther and warned against Jewish teaching and sympathy for the Jews?  They live on in their writings.  I plan to publish some of Pieper's writings...

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