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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Problem with Luther? ... then a problem with the Bible.

The world has a big problem today with Luther in what it calls his so-called "anti-semitism".  As already stated in a previous post, Luther was anti-Judaism, not "anti-Semitic". But his writings against the Jews (who vehemently reject the Christ) are mild compared to the New Testament. Even the editor of the American Edition of Luther's Works says the following (page 134):
"... christological exegesis of the Old Testament that began in the New Testament itself"
So the really big problem for today's world is Scripture itself.  Jesus said in Mark 16:16: "...but he that believeth not shall be damned"
So when Luther says "the damned Jews", he is only speaking according to the Bible. It is the Bible who is calling them (and all unbelievers) "damned".

This is why the Jews and today's world have such a problem with "Passion Plays" where they are true to Scripture.

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