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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Modern "theological" words...

The below are probably the words of Franklin Sherman, editor for Fortress Press for Luther's Works volume 47, "On the Jews and Their Lies". They show the editor judging Luther, but Luther shows scriptural bases for the Christian faith in this writing of his. The editor called himself a "Lutheran" but rejects this whole writing of Luther because it contains what most consider harsh means of dealing with the Jews by the government.

Page 123: exposure... of his writings to modern critical judgment is an inherent purpose of this American edition.
forced them into usury (by "Christian society", p 125)
medieval prejudices (p. 127)
motifs (p. 126)
the great Jewish scholar
the great Jewish leader
the classic four (scriptural texts)
psychological analysis (p. 131)
"reputed calumnies against the persons of Jesus and of Mary" (page 134)
"...obscured the human countenance of the opponent." (page 132)
Luther's anti-Semitism (p. 131)
"insulting" Christianity (Jews don't insult Christianity, p. 129)
crudity of its language... inhumanity of its proposals concerning treatment of the Jews (p. x)

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