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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dr. Franz Pieper's Last Words for the Missouri Synod before he died

(April 29, 2014: added highlighting)
Taken from Dr. Ludwig Fuerbringer’s articles in Der Lutheraner, Vol.87, pp. 330-331 (1931).  Translated from the German by an Australian pastor in 1999:
Our last meeting remains especially in my memory. We had again also spoken on one of my visits with him about church and theological matters. I had suggested to him if perhaps he might prepare a last word to the ministers of our Synod in our theological  monthly or in some other way. But he neither promised nor declined to do it, but only said that his Theses (The Brief Statement of 1932, Ed.) on the doctrinal position of the Missouri Synod should be regarded as his bequest (legacy, last will and testament, Ed.). He was especially cordial (warm, friendly, Ed.) during this visit; he accompanied  me from his house  right up to the road, arm in arm and strongly shook my hand. When twice later I wanted to visit him he was resting and I did not want to disturb him. But whatever thoughts moved him  in these weeks he also expressed to others. When at the end of April with President Ullrich from our North Illinois District I went past his house, and encouraged  him (President Ullrich, Ed.) to visit him (Dr.Pieper, Ed.) briefly, he gave the following farewell words to the brethren in Chicago which President Ullrich then took note of: "Tell this to the brethren: First of all and before all things ask the gracious God that He soon may give me a peaceful and blessed end. Tell the brethren that they are to ask this for me. And now this is what I want you especially to take to heart: 'Tell the brethren that they should study the Theses thoroughly in the Concordia Theological Monthly (re: The Brief  Statement, Ed.) in regard to our doctrinal position and discuss them in Conferences.  That would be a good schooling (training, Ed.) for all of them. That is the Missourian doctrinal position founded (based, Ed.) on God’s Word. That and nothing else is the doctrinal position of the Confessors of Augsburg. I fear that some of our adversaries and former (earlier, Ed.) opponents themselves confess these Theses and yet with the heterodox they promote a mixed belief.'" When then President Ullrich said to him as he left that he certainly spoke the mind of all his former students when he expressed his heartfelt thanks for this, since he as their teacher had above all impressed into their hearts the grace of God in Christ so clearly and so gloriously, Dr. Pieper concluded the conversation with the words: "Oh, I, an unworthy sinner, whom God has so greatly blessed that I for so many years was permitted to teach and have proclaimed this inexpressible grace! May the dear Missouri  Synod never forget that it's chief God given calling is to carry into all the world the testimony (let the testimony  resound into all the world, Ed.) of the Sola Gratia (salvation by grace alone)!"
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All Christianity should read and digest Dr. Pieper's last words. 

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