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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today's Jewish charges against Luther.

[Updated July 27, 2014]
... in general are the same as before: "Anti-Semitism".  The charge is becoming more widespread in today's world.  Volumes could be written about this charge (and it's confusing nature) but the only point that matters is: what is the truth? 
1) Is Jesus really the long promised Messiah or not?
2) Was Luther really against the Jewish people?

Let's start with the second question.  Luther used the following terms in his writings against the Jews:
a) "accursed rabbis"  (pg 176)
b) "their poor youth and of the common man" (pg 176)
c) "... poisoning the minds of their poor youth and the simple Jews against the person of our Lord" (pg 258)
d) "... I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach...  holding the poor Jews captive..."

So we see that Luther viewed the Jewish people taught by their rabbis to be poor and showed sympathy for them.  He held their rabbis in utter contempt.  So much for the charge of "Anti-Semitism" which is meant to poison the public about Luther.  Luther was not "Anti-Semitic" (or anti-Jewish people), but anti-Jewish teaching.
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As to the first question about Jesus being the Messiah... it is a good question.  It can only be determined by faith. The most "scholarly" person in the world could prove it (or disprove it) by the Scriptures, but if he does not believe it, it is all for nothing.  Luther believed it.  And he did so by the working of the Holy Spirit through the Word.

BTW, you can read (or print out) Luther's writing "On The Jews And Their Lies" here: (now broken, taken over by an Italian casino)
If Humanitas International decides to pull this off the web, try getting it through the "WayBack Machine".

[2017-12-16: Removed link to original site so that it does not send to a malicious site; July 27, 2014:  As of the end of 2013, is off the Internet -- their website taken over by an Italian casino (ha!).  But this writing of Luther is still available via the Wayback Machine here.]
(Thanks to Humanitas International for this publication of Luther.  Although they are publishing it to "warn" the public about Luther, yet it serves a spiritual purpose they do not intend...  spreading true Christian doctrine.)

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