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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Luther's writing "Vom Schem Hamphoras" against Jews - and a "straw man" argument

This writing was translated from the German by Dr. Gerhard Falk, a Jew by his writings on  It was published in 1992 under the title The Jew in Christian Theology: Martin Luther's Anti-Jewish Vom Schem Hamphoras.  Dr. Falk published this for the same reason Humanitas International published "On The Jews And Their Lies" on the web (see below), to attempt to show Luther's "anti-Semitism". Dr. Falk is quite truthful when he comments (pg. 163) that it "... must seem difficult if not impossible to understand.".  Why is it so difficult to understand for such a scholar who knows many languages and is a careful translator?  Because he does not believe God at his Word.  Dr. Falk is still busy today with his "straw man" arguments and defense of the Jews while all the time ignoring Luther's real point that the Jews are without a Messiah and lost forever... they hate the true Christian doctrine.

If you can get past the assault on the Christian faith (are you a Christian?) by the editor and translator, you will find that again Luther will bolster your faith.  How?  By dealing directly with the Jewish teaching against Jesus Christ as the Messiah long promised in the Old Testament.  Luther brings out the outrageous and ridiculous teachings of the rabbis and treats them at face value.  Of all the comments by Dr. Falk against Luther (there are many), he does not say that Luther's report of the Jewish teaching was in error.  The Jewish teachers shout "Luther was an Anti-Semite!" but never backpedal on their outrageous teachings against the Christ.  Why do they do this?  It is called a "straw man" argument... they substitute the "anti-Semitism" argument for the real point of Luther's writings.  They raise the subject of Nazism and the "Holocaust" whenever Luther is mentioned.  They would have you believe the Christian faith is somehow a murderous religion.

As I thanked Humanitas International before, so I thank Dr. Falk for publishing the English translation of "Vom Schem Hamphoras"... even though he attempts to discredit Luther.  Thank you! for bolstering my Christian faith through the writing of Martin Luther!

2011-10-19  &  2012-10-07: I notice that Fordham University (Jesuits) had published Luther's tract "On The Jews And Their Lies" here but the link is broken (try this).  Their website says they had to remove it:
... has been removed because of copyright objections. We will attempt to provide a new translation of the German text at some point, but meanwhile welcome a translation any scholar wishes to supply.
Why is this?  It seems odd that Humanitas International can make it public but not the Jesuits?

2012-05-18: I noticed today that Wikisource has translated Luther's Warning Against The Jews (1546). Thanks Wikisource!

2012-07-14: see this later post for my own translation of Vom Schem Hamphoras.

2014-07-27: research shows that "Humanitas International" is off the Internet at the end of 2013, taken over by an Italian casino (ha!).  But this writing of Luther is still available via the Wayback Machine >> here <<.


  1. Thank you for this very informative post. I agree with you. I recently read ""On the Jews and their Lies"" Vol 47 LW. Far from being the proto-nazi anti-semitic tract that the chattering classes claim it to be, this work by Luther bolstered my faith in the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that there is no Salvation anywhere else. Luther stood up for the Gospel more consistently and thoroughly than anyone else ever has. BTW I have learned a lot from your Blog.

    1. Mr. Peters, I quote you from 1 Kings 19:18

      I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

      You are the first of the seven thousand to come forward. You will notice I have no public followers but I suspect there are many out there... maybe 6999 more?


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