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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Matthew Harrison's YouTube video – Francis Pieper and Easter (Part 1)

I just discovered the YouTube video by Matthew Harrison from 2011 that shows the gravesite and home church building for President Franz Pieper, or Francis Pieper if you prefer.  It reminds me of my visit in 2002 to this same site, and for the same reason, as President Harrison (see my blog post on this).  As President Harrison lamented, the congregation left the LC-MS in the "terrible and tumultuous times of the  1970s".

I am getting closer to further comments on President Harrison, comments that are hard for me to make.

But for now, rejoice in this video, a video that lets Professor Franz Pieper speak.  For as Abraham rejoiced (John 8:56) as from the "grave" to see the day of Christ, so also Franz Pieper!

Because of the beauty of this video and Harrison's use of Pieper, I am devoting another blog post Part 2 to the transcription of this video with some hyperlinked references.

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