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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Old Missouri library – Convention Essays (Part 3)

[Last update: November 4, 2018; see additions in "Appendix" below.]
This continues from the previous Part 2 which presented download links to the entire series of the periodical journal Der Lutheraner.  In this post, I am providing the links to the scanned copies and a few transcriptions of most of the convention essays that C.F.W. Walther and Franz Pieper presented to the old (German) Missouri Synod and the Synodical Conference.  There are also two by F. Bente and one by George Mezger.  Although many of these essays have been translated and published by Concordia Publishing House (CPH), yet the largest books of translations of Walther's essays, Essays For The Church, are currently unavailable.  They are promised to be made available again in the future.  Used copies may be available on Amazon or elsewhere.

In a previous post over a year ago, I published a spreadsheet of most of the Convention Essays of the old Missouri Synod and Synodical Conference.  That spreadsheet will be of great value for reference in sorting through all of these wonderful essays.  It especially indicates where English translations might be available.

The file names should be fairly self-evident:   Year-District-Author-Title.PDF or DOC
Most files are PDF scans of the original German.  Sprinkled throughout are a few DOC files of the German text which I was able to transcribe.  These make it quite easy to copy text into Google Translate for a quick view. [August 2015- but see the many added links to OCR text of original German]

Updatess: 2018: Nov. 4- added 1880 Iowa-Pieper scanned originals; Oct. 16- updated info on translation for 1912 Syn. Conf. sermon by Pieper; October 9- updated 1884 Synodical Conference with full title of James Ware's CJ translation; May 24- updated 1899 Missouri by Pieper; May 5 - added link to 1888 Syn. Conf. PDF, updated links to Google Book Syn. Conf 1882-1912; April 7 & 9 - appendix added - Iowa 1891, 1892;  Jan. 31 - added link to sermon for 1867 Eastern District by Walther; Jan. 20 - updated with Concordia Journal translations; 2017: July 11: added new English translation to 1921 Pieper-North Dakota-Montana, "What Do We Learn from Luther at Worms?"; May 21: added links to English translations of Pieper's 1893 Missouri Synod address ; May 11: added link to 1913-Southern Illinois -- HathiTrust; Mar. 8: added note on 1860-Missouri, upgraded all DropBox links; Feb. 26: added 1867 Colloquy between Iowa & Missouri Synods(not convention); 2016: Oct. 28-29: added PDF scan of 1890 Pieper from DL; added 1930 Dau, updated 1923, 1929 Missouri Delegate; Sept. 11: updated WLS essays links; August 13: updated 1882, 1883, 1885, 1889, 1891 Southern; July 12: Updated info on 1862 Western; April 14: 1911 Missouri - German text;1908 Missouri - German text; April 1: Added 1886 Syn. Conf essay text; Feb 19: Added text 1876 Northern, 1877 Eastern, 1879 Western, 1880 Western, 1887 Missouri;  Feb 18: Added text 1860 Missouri Syn. On Absolution - Brohm, 1873 Eastern-Walther-Secret Societies; Feb 17: Added text file for 1867 Northern Distr., Walther-Exegesis; Feb. 5: Updated most Synodical Conf. essays with Google Bks links; August 16-17-18-19-20: Added numerous links to German text files: search Text file HEREAugust 5: Added 1872 Missouri - Walther - 25th Years - Not Lose God's Blessings, But Bequeath to Descendents; August 3: Updated 1879 Iowa - Duties of Ev. Lutheran Church to include CPH phamplet; August 1: Added references to At Home in the House of My FathersJuly 28: Added scan of 1896 Missouri-Pieper-Church Government; July 27: Added 1872 English Conf. - Walther - 16 Theses; July 26: Added 1927 British Columbia- Alberta-Pieper; Added 1867-Northern-Walther; July 25: Added cross references to old Selected Writings of C.F.W. Walther - Convention Essays book (see Amazon used); Added cross references to the new Walther's Works: Church Fellowship book; July 24: Added cross-references to Essays for the Church I & IIJuly 22 Added text to 1919 Atlantic District/Pieper: The General Christian Character of the Lutheran Church; Added text doc for 1885 Southern/Pieper essay on "Life in Faith"; Added text doc for 1885 Iowa/Pieper essay on Certainty of Salvation; Added text doc for 1891 Southern/Pieper on Doctrine of Church, Individual Christians, Congregations, Whole Church Bodies;  July 21: Added text document for 1893 Missouri/Pieper essay on "Our Position in Doctrine and Practice; Added text download 1905 Missouri/Pieper essay; Added text DOCX to 1899 Missouri/ Pieper essay Church and God's Word; July 19: added full text 1870 Eastern District- Antichrist; July 18, : added 1916 Southern Ill. Pieper- Reconciliation of God with Man, also remaining original essays used in What Is Christianity? book; July 17: updated 1902 Missouri Synod Pieper essay What Is Christianity? essay, also several others in the book of that name; March, 2015: updated with 2 items on; December, 2014 - added references to Tappert's translations; added Google Books scans where found; search terms "intitle:synodal inauthor:missouri" or "intitle:verhandlungen inauthor:missouri" [editable list here]

1848-Missouri-Walther- Synodical Address, relationship of Congregations to Synod -(Zweiter Synodal-Bericht, 1848) in July 1972 Concordia Theological Monthly , p. 430 ff.; no original
1857-Missouri-Walther-Gerhard on Baptism  (No original; Translated English in Essays for the Church I, pgs 15-18)
1858-Western-Walther-Confessional Subscription.pdf  (Translated English in Essays for the Church I, pgs 19-29)  (see English translation in Tappert - Lutheran Conf. Theol. in Am. 1840-1880, pgs 55-77; also C.T.M. April, 1947, Vol. XVIII, pgs 241-253; At Home in the House of My Fathers, pgs 120-137; and in Walther's Works: Church Fellowship, pgs 11-28); German title “Warum sind die symbolischen Bücher unserer Kirche von denen, welche Diener derselben werden wollen, nicht bedingt, sondern unbedingt zu unterschreiben?”
1859-Western-Walther-Doctrine of Justification.pdf  (see this blog series for new translation) (Translated English in Essays for the Church I, pgs 30-63); German text file HERE.
1860-Missouri-Brohm (not Walther)-Absolution.DOCX-- (PDF) Scanned copies of pages HERE. -- ref. in Chr. Dogmatics III, pgs 191, 208-211 which includes several passages translated into English: “The theses were formulated by Pastor Brohm”; German text file HERE.
1861-Western-maybe Walther-Essay on the Law (see LuW61 Nov,Dec).pdf -- Walther present; FULL VERSION with all Luther's quotes published LuW, Nov-Dec 1861
1866-Missouri-Walther-True Visible- Theses I-III (Church).pdf  (Translated English in Walther and the Church (1938-Dallman), pgs 116-128; also in Essays for the Church I (1992-Stallmann) pgs 88-103; also in The True Visible Church (1961-J.T. Mueller), pgs 1-137; Selected Writings of C.F.W. Walther - Walther on the Church (1981-Drickamer), pgs 155-192); German text file HERE.
1867-Eastern-Walther-True Visible, Theses XI-XIII.pdf   (Translated English in Essays for the Church I, pgs 145-159); German text file HERE.; Sermon translated by Studium Exitare issue #17 by Aaron Jensen here.
1867-Northern-Walther-Principles the Lutheran Church on Exegesis.pdf  -- (No known English translation; referenced in Chr. Dogmatics I, pg 348, n. 154 - Pieper identifies author as Walther) -- Text file HERE
1869-Missouri-Brohm-Walther, Usury (51-85).pdf -- During height of controversy on Usury (Wucher); Full text HERE.
1870-Central District-Walther-Over Pulpit Fellowship.pdf -- Fleishmann/Walther -- Full text file HERE: Partial formatted Text file HERE.
1870-Western-Walther, Communion Fellowship with other faiths.pdf  (Translated English in Essays for the Church I, pgs 202-228; and in Walther's Works: Church Fellowship, pgs 145-192; also Theses on Communion Fellowship, tr Laurence L. White 1980) ; German text file HERE.
1873-Northern-Walther, Theses over conversion.pdf  (Translated English in Essays for the Church I, pgs 244-263); German text file HERE.
1874-Western-Walther, Only Lutheran Church - Universal Grace.pdf  (Translated English in Convention Essays, pgs 11-63, abridged) ; German text file HERE.
1877-Western-Walther, Only Lutheran Church - Doctrine of Election (part 1).pdf   (Translated English in Essays for the Church II, pgs 106-148;  (see English translation of Thesis III in Tappert - Lutheran Conf. Theol. in Am. 1840-1880, pgs 166-191; download pages here) ; German text file HERE.
1879-Iowa-Walther-Duties of Ev. Luth. Synod.pdf  (Translated English in Essays for the Church II, pgs 6-63;  At Home in the House of My Fathers, pgs 225-330 --  available in phamplet from CPH HERE; and in Walther's Works: Church Fellowship, pgs 237-336; 1976 Concordia Journal July p. 42-43 translated excerpt by Prof. Arnold F. Krugler under title "Loyalty: Confession and Synod"); Text file HERE (German).
1879-Northwestern-Walther, (contd 1877) Means of Grace, Congregation owner of all church powers.pdf    (Google Books scan here) [Note: Walther not present; but President Schwan and Prof. F.A. Schmidt of Norwegian Synod were present; theses were likely
1880-Iowa-Walther, Pieper-Theses on Distinction of Law and Gospel.pdf ; Translated English in Essays for the Church II, pgs 64-65, Theses only; Full German text file HERE. 2018-11-04: Scanned pages of German original TIF, PDF.
1884-Synodical Conference-Walther, Church Fathers and Doctrine.pdf  (Translated English in Essays for the Church II, pgs 67-101; and in  Walther's Works: Church Fellowship, pgs 351-412); condensed translation in Concordia Journal, October 1988 (by James Ware: "Walther on Sola Scriptura: C F W Walther's 1884 Synodical Conference essay") ; German text file HERE. Google Books here
1885-Iowa-Pieper-Doctrine of certainty of the salvation- importance for spiritual life.pdf  -- Full German text HERE. [Australian pastor may be translating to English soon...]
1886-Synodical Conference-Walther present, Divinity of Holy Scripture (Google Doc file) Google Books here (Translated English by Andrew Boomhower here.)

1893-Missouri-Pieper- Our position in doctrine and practice against error and abuse.pdf  (Full German text HERE. -- Original "Brief Statement"; English translation by Kenneth Howes here; or by the LCR in 1971: PDF scan or text file here)
1896-Missouri-Pieper-Church Government.doc -- Scanned copy of original HERE-- PDF file of scanned original HERE. (See Chr. Dogmatics III, pg 432, n. 42 for ref.); 2017-01-28: Another English translation (abridged) here - CLC
1902-Missouri-Pieper- The nature of Christianity..pdf    Pgs 25-39;   German text Google Doc (see J.T. Mueller What Is Christianity and Other Essays ); scanned copies include Pieper's Synodical Address, "All Christians Agree with Us" translated by M. Harrison in At Home in the House of My Fathers, pgs 613-616.
1905-Missouri-Pieper- The Difficult Path of Holding Forth for the Truth.pdf  Full German text HERE -- English transl. by M. Harrison of "Synodalrede", not "Prasidialbericht", in At Home in the House of My Fathers, pgs 628-631.
1912-Synodical Conference-Pieper etc, Sermon on Romans 16-17; Our Relationship to Norwegian Synod, Opgjor, Election.pdf  (Google Books scan here); partially translated in Moving Frontiers, pp 288-290 by W. H. Kohlmeier; the WELS Theologische QuartalSchrift v. 54 (July 1957) reprinted this sermon and, by one report, it may be translated into English by Egbert Schaller, (Mark Braun, Tale of Two Synods, p. 209 fn 41). Translated by Australian Pastor Bryce Winter of the ELCR in 1997 -- file here.
1921-NorthDakota-Montana-Pieper-What do we learn from Luther at Worms.DOC  (Google Books scan here) [2017-07-11: English translation HERE (PDF file) -- from Pastor Bryce L.Winter, ELCR-Australia.]
1923-Missouri Delegate Synod-Pieper- The Christian World-View, see J.T. Mueller What Is Christianity and Other Essays — German text published in Lehre und Wehre >> HERE  <<
1927-British Columbia - Alberta-Pieper- The Power of the Gospel.pdf – Essay printed in LuW vol. 73, pgs 321-334, 363-369, LuW 74, pgs 40-53, 69-83.; German text file HERE.
1929-Missouri Delegate Synod-Pieper- The Open Heaven (Der offene Himmel), see J.T. Mueller What Is Christianity and Other Essays; German text file HERE, taken from LuW vol. 75.

Appendix – additions
So what use is there for these German resources for our English speaking readers?  They will be a glimpse into the real Missouri Synod, the Missouri Synod from above that had the right Doctrine of Justification and so could properly teach on Christian subjects wide-ranging from Church Government to Church Fathers, from Absolution to Usury.  And it is hoped that they will be a resource for those who thirst for their soul's salvation (like me) and want to translate more of these into English and so get all the wonderful teachings of the fathers of the old (German) Missouri Synod and the Synodical Conference.  Now these resources aren't locked away in some seminary library... not even Google Books has seen fit to scan or make available these old books. [2014-07-30: But now see update in preface above].

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