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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Old Missouri library – Der Lutheraner downloads (Part 2a)

This continues from the previous Part 1 which presented download links to the entire series of the periodical journal Lehre und Wehre.  In this post, I am providing the links to the scanned copies of much material from the volumes of Der Lutheraner.  This periodical tended to lose its spiritual nature in the later years and so I was selective in what articles I scanned.

In a blog post of March 2012, I reviewed the other website devoted in part to the translation of early issues of Der Lutheraner by Pastor Joel Baseley and his Mark V Publications.  I notice that at this time he is offering a full English translation of the first 3 volumes from 1844 to 1847.  Much of the material in these volumes is from Walther himself and is a wonderful resource.  But although Baseley's translation work is helpful, it is not near enough for me.  Walther's material is so wonderful, I want much more...  I want it all!

To aid in going through the vast material in this periodical, I produced a Table of Contents file for most of it and entered the data from the Index pages where available – not all volumes had indexes.  I added hyperlinks for ease of navigating the 90 volumes.  Here are downloads for both the DOC file and converted PDF file – in both original German (well edited) and English (roughly translated by Google Translate):
I separated out the Indexes in this file:
  • DL-Indexes only-hyperlinked.DOC       (1.4 MB - German)
  • DL-Indexes only-hyperlinked.PDF        (1.4 MB - German)
  • To get an English version, the reader must copy sections into Google Translate for now – I may update to add English files later.  A basic problem with this is that an alphabetized German index will not correspond with an alphabetized English version.  (Can someone help me on this?)
Some of these volumes are available for download from,  These are marked in red font. (Send a private message for my scanned copies of the Google Books versions.)
Der Lutheraner – download links (23-100 MB, ~ 4GB total)
  1,    2,    3,    4,    5,    6,    7,    8,    9,  10    (1844 – 1854)
11,  12,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20    (1854 
– 1864)
21,  22,  23,  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,  29,  30    (1864 
– 1874)
31,  32,  33,  34,  35,  36,  37,  38,  39,  40    (1875 
– 1884)
41,  42,  43,  44,  45,  46,  47,  48,  49,  50    (1885 
51,  52,  53,  54,  55,  56,  57,  58,  59,  60    (1895 
– 1904)
61,  62,  63,  64,  65,  66,  67,  68,  69,  70    (1905 
– 1914)
71,  72,  73,  74,  75,  76,  77,  78,  79,  80    (1915 
– 1924)
81,  82,  83,  84,  85,  86,  87,  88,  89,  90    (1925 – 1934)
(Updated links May 12, 2013 – some OCR text files – see updated blog post)

As an incentive to dig into this periodical, I present below Walther's announcement of the first meeting of the Synodical Conference in volume 28, page 184:
Proceedings of the first meeting of the Evangelical – Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America at Milwaukee from July 10 to 16, 1872.
   This report has just left the press. It has 75 pages and contains the opening sermon and a detailed log of the proceedings: 1) about our task in relation to the English population of our country; 2) on the doctrine of justification; 3). over home missions etc.  Notably, the proceedings on justification should (on pages 20–68) give the report a value not small by the fact that this sweet heart doctrine is not treated by dry theological teaching, but practically speaking, that every one which desires something for his soul's salvation, he will find plenty of what he seeks. Members of our Synod can get this report through our agent Mr. M.C. Barthel and his commissioners for 20 Cents . W. [Walther]
The "proceedings on justification" are sometimes referred to as the essay "Synodical Conference Report 1872", or "SCR 1872".  This is the foundational document of the Synodical Conference... and what was the subject?  The Doctrine of Justification.  Prof. Kurt Marquart translated and published this but erroneously identified the author as Prof. F.A. Schmidt.  The actual author was none other than the writer of the above notice in Der Lutheraner.  Do you see how Walther prefers the subject matter to take precedence over who the author was?  Do you see how important this Doctrine of Justification was to Walther?

Do you want more incentives to dig into Der Lutheraner issues?  See Part 2a on the next post in this series.

(Part 3 continues this series with the Convention Essays of Walther and Pieper)

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