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Friday, February 24, 2012

Convention Essays from the old German Missouri Synod...

[2017-08-06: added direct link to spreadsheet, see below]
A commentator on my "translators" post pointed out a recent publication from the LC-MS that had me a bit stunned, because it surprised me that any writer of today's LC-MS would hold up the fathers of the old German Missouri Synod. The book is titled "At Home in the House of My Fathers". (Also Kindle edition.)
But the real stunner is that the author/editor is the current President of the LC-MS, "Matt" Harrison (Matthew C. Harrison). If I find that there is sufficient new material translated that I don't already have, I may actually buy the book! Some essays were from the 1840s which I have not seen yet. But this stirs up my old feelings about today's LC-MS. Maybe I should re-join my old synod because, there it is, an actual modern writer holding up the fathers! But I will say more about this later.
In response to this notice and to honor the fathers of the Missouri Synod, I am publishing the following extensive listing (prepared in the 1990s) of most doctrinal essays from the old German Missouri Synod (and beyond), most of which have much spiritual content. The listing goes from 1855 to 1956 so scroll down to see all the line items. But the real gems in this listing are the essays from C.F.W. Walther and Franz Pieper (F. Pieper). You will find their names among many others. But they are the ones who "gathered the luminous rays" of the Gospel the best. (My apologies for the poor English translation of some of the titles; I will update them and the spreadsheet "ConventionEssays" with time. See German titles for actual wording of the titles.)
[April 21, 2014 - see this post for downloads of scans and some text files]

2017-08-06: Direct link to this spreadsheet >>>  HERE <<<.

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