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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Old Missouri Library– Theological Monthly (Part 5)

This post continues from Part 4 which presented portions of the older Theological Quarterly. which continued on as Theological Monthly in 1921 to 1929.

I will not repeat the reservations I have with these English publications – the reader may find them in Part 4. As I look again through these articles, I'm reminded of the anecdote that Pieper warned nearly all the faculty of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis that they were beginning to deviate from the Word of God.  This is why the portions that I copied had the most spiritual understanding or beneficial historical information –  only a fraction of the full volumes.

William Arndt, Theodore Engelder, W.H.T. Dau, J.T. Mueller and Paul E. Kretzmann were major contributors during this period.

So with that clear warning, I am presenting the links to what I have to the Theological Monthly, including whatever links I found to complete volumes elsewhere:
(Updated September 11, 2013)
Table of Contents file ==>>  TM-Table of Contents-ReducedColumns.DOC                                                     (Note: some years now available in Google Books)
TM01-1921  (3 MB) (complete in Google Books)
TM02-1922  (3 MB) (complete in Google Books)
TM03-1923  (1 MB)
TM04-1924  (3 MB)
TM05-1925  (2 MB)
TM07-1927  (1 MB)
TM08-1928  (3 MB)
TM09-1929  (1 MB
If I get time, I may present more material from the subsequent journal Concordia Theological Monthly which is only partially available on the Internet.

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