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Friday, December 9, 2011

Who (and what) can a Christian trust for true teaching? (see my masthead)

When the Lord opened my eyes to the true Gospel message again, I was led to research a very large amount of religious writings by many religious people.  I researched many church bodies and corresponded with select pastors and other people.  As a result of all this research (by faith), I finally decided to sweep all the writings of every religious writer except Luther, Walther and Franz Pieper into a room and keep them there until I fully understood nearly all Christian doctrine.  It was by faith that I came to this conclusion.  Only when that faith was fully grounded in the Doctrine of Justification could I begin to let some of the writers out of that room... but only those that held to this doctrine – Universal, Objective Justification (let's call it UOJ). That list is rather short, which made for much easier reading.
There are probably hundreds of writers that I am passing over, some of whom were prolific writers.  Ah, but some would say I should let some of those writers out of that room and read them.  I have on occasion, but many books that I have purchased or obtained otherwise have been largely stored away.  It is hard for me to spend much time reading volumes and articles when I wonder whether they truly held to the doctrine of UOJ.  Some writers who vigorously defended UOJ in the time since 1931 (the year of Franz Pieper's death) have passed on to their Saviour's arms.
Read these books!
Martin Luther:
C.F.W. Walther:
Franz Pieper (Francis Pieper):
Christian Dogmatics, 4-volume set

You can find them at Amazon (new or used), Concordia Publishing House, Northwestern Publishing House, Bethany Lutheran College bookstore, eBay (new or used), etc.  Email me if you have difficulty finding these resources.
(I will update this as I get more information.)

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