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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pieper and the Jews - true Historical Theology

In the 1929 issue (vol. 75) of Lehre und Wehre (German for Doctrine and Defense), page 96 , Prof. Pieper comments on a Jewish theater production. Here is a modified Google Translation of that brief comment.
The Jews make propaganda through the theater.
A German newspaper article in St. Louis has this: "The Jewish Art Theatre of Chicago on
February 24, at 8 clock, in the Odeon brings to a performance the great historical tragedy 'Ger Zedek' (Sincere Proselyte). Under the leadership of the famous artist Joseph Buloff of the Wilner Troop, sixty of the most famous actors participate in this presentation. The piece rests on a historical basis and describes the life of a young Polish nobleman, Count Valentin Pototsky, who, through the study of the canon of the Old Testament in it's original meaning, is brought to renounce the Catholic religion and convert to Judaism. This led to a pursuit of him in the narrow-mindedness of those times, and finally to his burning at the stake on May 24, 1749."  This was very wrong. The Jews are not scattered among the Christians for the purpose that they are burnt by the Christians, but that they hear the Gospel from Christians and come to faith in the appeared Messiah. But if God had not put an end to the Jewish state, without a doubt the Jews would have continued the murder of Christians which they pursued zealously, according to the report of the Acts of the Apostles, as long as their state still existed.
The Jewish Encyclopedia has an article on this Polish nobleman here.
This article shows that the old (German) Missouri Synod did not shrink back from the true defense of Christianity, including the defense against "Jewish Propaganda".  If the reader notices a similarity between that Jewish production and almost all of popular productions today, it shows that Pieper's comments are not old and stale, but rather living and true for all time.
See my blog posts on Walther and the Jews and also the many posts on Luther and the Jews.

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