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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Norman A. Madson Sr. - a true Lutheran Christian

In my previous 4 posts, I have gone over the painful history of the LCMS since the death of Franz Pieper.  How the modern LCMS was actually a force against Christianity!  Many would say that statement is going to far... but is it?
The ELS synod was formed with the help of Dr. Franz Pieper's guidance on true doctrine ... but then the LC-MS turned against it when it's faithful leaders warned of the treachery of modernism and unionism.  The divisions caused by the LC-MS were enormous.  The ELS leader S.C. Ylvisaker and Norman A. Madson Sr. stuck to the true Christian teaching starting with the doctrine of Objective Justification.  They would not allow any doubt about this.  But the ELS stayed in fellowship with the LC-MS for a long time, even after many erroneous doctrines were tolerated.  This caused enough strain in the ELS that it's long-time leader Norman A. Madson Sr. decided to resign as Dean in 1959 and then also from the ELS synod.  He then joined another more conservative fellowship - the CoLC or Church of the Lutheran Confessions.

Norman A. Madson Sr. taught Objective Justification beautifully and that is why I let him out of my side room at times to teach like Luther, Walther and Pieper! May his memory be preserved through this blog!

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