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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pieper (and Luther ) on... meatless cooking? (Historical Theology)

In the 1928 issue of Lehre und Wehre (vol. 74, pgs 19-20), Pieper commented on a German lady's article about meat-less cooking:
Antediluvian cookbook. Klara Ebert's book "The Kitchen of the Future on a Meat-Free Basis" in the "German Teachers' Journal" as shown: "The author asserts: 'Culture has made ​​tremendous progress, but cooking has not kept pace with it. It has gone astray, and is backward as only few in the world. It does everything to undermine our health.' This is a very severe sentence. But whoever is with the thoughts of the book, especially earnestly engaged with the scientific treatment, will have no choice but to revise their beliefs about nutrition and cooking. We hold that the writing deserves serious attention for its theoretical and practical side and that it's wide spread dissemination is desirable to promote a sensible diet for the best of our people." Both Klara Ebert and C.G., who wants her book "widespread", have forgotten this verse:
Genesis 9, 3: Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
For this purpose it can be useful to look up Luther in his commentary on Genesis (St.Louis Edition, vol. I, pg 590ff.). Luther says among other things on Genesis 9:2 ff.:
These words, therefore, establish the butcher shop; attach hares, chickens, and geese to the spit; and fill the tables with all sorts of foods.... We must not assume that these things happen by chance, as do the heathen, who are of the opinion that the custom of butchering animals always existed. These things are established, or rather permitted, by the Word of God. An animal could not have been slain without sin unless God by His Word had clearly given permission to do so.... Accordingly, in this passage the dominion of man is increased, and the dumb animals are made subject to man for the purpose of serving him even to the extent of dying. They fear and shun man because of this regulation, which was new and hitherto had not been observed in the world. For Adam it would have been an abomination to kill a little bird for food; but now, because the Word is added, we realize that it is an extraordinary blessing that in this way God has provided the kitchen with all kinds of meat. Later on, when He shows man how to cultivate the vine, He will also concern Himself with stocking the cellar.
 Neither Klara Eberts' "meatless" cookbook nor the Prohibition, which means wine is as a general rule a "poison" for humans, up to date but actually "antediluvian."
Antediluvian means "pre-flood".  So vegetarians who might think their diet is more advanced have actually gone backwards to "pre-flood" times.  Again Pieper and Luther are the ones who are "up-to-date".

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