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Friday, December 9, 2011

Of Whoredoms and Hemorroids (modern LCMS)

In August of 1995, I wrote the below article after much research.  I believe I sent it to a correspondent on another continent. I am presenting it publicly to the world now as it shows a faith that God worked in me through His Word:
Of Whoredoms and Hemorroids
The History of the LCMS Since F. Pieper's Death

Some may say the above title is too graphic, too much for sensitive ears.  However, they are God's words used in Hosea 4:18, 1 Samuel 5:12 (emerods - hemorroids), and Jeremiah 23:14 for error and false gods.  I remember my own thoughts when I began to listen to the Bible again- are these words really used in the Bible?  Sure enough, talk of whoredoms and hemorroids and adultery (and, in a different connection, also blood).  As bad as these words may sound, they point to a much worse situation - errors and turning away from God's revealed Word.  Luther says doctrinal sin is much worse that coarse sexual sin. 

As the history is studied of the LCMS since Pieper's death, there is a distinct similarity to 'gross' accounts of adultery and sexual sin.  You even hear it in the accounts of unionism of ALC representatives during years of 'discussions' - the loosening or 'thawing' of Missouri.

Now you may wonder why would anyone dwell on the 'negative' aspects of all this.  I was raised in an LCMS church that taught largely what Franz Pieper taught in his 'Christian Dogmatics'.  I see it now as a miracle of God's surpassing grace.  That there were ANY pastors teaching the truth at that time now amazes me.  I see why the teaching and practice was NOT consistent.  Walter A. Maier of the well known Lutheran Hour was unionizing with external fellowships and with sects such as YMCA.  It was because the LCMS was LONG AGO heterodox.  Decades before my training in the early to mid 1960s, error was tolerated in the LCMS.  And xxxx xxxx went to Valparaiso University (supported by the LCMS) where evolution was taught and unionism activities had a comfortable home and supporter.....
Although Theodore Graebner stands out as the leader of the unionists within Missouri, it was J. W. Behnken and Ludwig Fuerbringer who were stricken with a spirit of blindness with all the whoredom in their midst.  The record of Behnken is truly amazing in his inconsistency, seemingly standing for truth in one moment, only to turn completely opposite the next.  Fuerbringer's silence is deafening.

If this document does nothing other than to cause the reader to compare every person's teachings/writings with Scripture, it will have served it's purpose.  Since the death of Franz Pieper, the clearest voices to speak were S. C. Ylvisaker of the ELS and Kleinig of the ELCR in Australia.  Both men spoke clearly, evangelically - like Franz Pieper.  They held to their love for Scripture and it's doctrines as expounded in the Lutheran Confessions, the Brief Statement, and true Lutheran doctrine.

Looking at this, how can Jesus say 'Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you' (John 14:27a)?  It is because it is a peace NOT AS THE WORLD GIVETH.  We look for true peace in all the wrong places.  The following saying is Christian:
    No Jesus, no peace;
        Know Jesus, know peace.
If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed (Jn 8:31b).  Here is the true peace, to keep our eyes on Jesus and His Word.  This means that "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus" Romans 8:1.  What better peace is there than this - peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

And because the above is Christian, it is therefore also LUTHERAN, for Lutheran doctrine is nothing more or less than the doctrines of the Bible.

"A unionist cannot be trusted."  - Paul Gerhardt

"Doctrine is heaven, life is earth." - Martin Luther

Romans 3: 22b-24 - There is no difference: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; being justified FREELY by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

My hope does not rest with the LCMS.  I thank God for his clear Word that says "...avoid them" Romans 16:17
  • My church does not deny God's clear Word in any matter to be shown a clear teaching of Scripture. 
  • My church clings to all the Lutheran symbols, and especially the Brief Statement and the writings of Franz Pieper in today's environment
  • My church does not allow women to speak or teach (adults) in it. 
  • My church denounces psychology for what it is - broken cisterns.
  • My church raises the banner of OBJECTIVE/GENERAL/UNIVERSAL Justification/Reconciliation/Absolution/Grace/Redemption/Forgiveness.  And what is more, my church does NOT warn against error that could flow from this doctrine as if that were possible.  The human heart is desperately wicked and can only deny it in every possible way, and thereby cling to self-righteousness.  (2 Corinthians 5:19)  No teacher in the church since the days of Luther and Walther has so clearly, without reservation taught this doctrine as Franz A. O. Pieper.  His Christian Dogmatics volumes are almost continuously proclaiming and expounding this doctrine and warning against any who would pervert or deny it.
  • My church teaches the Bible IS inerrant, infallible, in short the VERY Word of God. 
  • My church will never give aid to false doctrine by publishing books through Reformed or any other un-orthodox publishers. 
  • My church would warn of grave dangers for anyone who would go to un-orthodox teaching institutions, even if they call themselves 'Lutheran'.
You might ask: 'Where is such a church?'  It is at my house.  You might ask: 'Who is in this church?'  I am the only member - but others have received instruction from me.
= = = = = = = = end of writing = = = =
I hate to use such harsh language against the LCMS.  But Jeremiah chapter 23 constrains me to see error for what it is – soul destroying.  Franz Pieper's judgment on the "Lutherans" of other church bodies that he was in doctrinal discussions with before he died caused him to say:
"They were reaching for our souls."

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