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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pieper book from Logia — get it before it’s gone (Justification & True Visible Church... and the Moon)

The Church and Her Treasure by Francis Pieper.JPG
The Church and Her Treasure:
Lectures on Justification and the True Visible Church
On Sale -- $10.98 + S&H

      In spite of the impression that President Matthew Harrison is presenting, the works of Walther and Pieper are largely despised in today's LC-MS.  The abandonment of the Index book for Pieper's Christian Dogmatics is a clear indication.  And so for anyone interested in purchasing any of the English translated books still currently available, I would alert them to make sure they acquire a book from Logia ("The Luther Academy") which will likely be abandoned soon. 

The book is The Church and Her Treasure: Lectures on Justification and the True Visible Church.  I am aware of how the translation for this book came about.  The original German books which are the basis for this translation were notably not printed in the old fraktur font but with our familiar Roman typeface.  This made it easy for me to OCR their contents and so put them into digital form.  The German originals have been uploaded to, hyperlinks here:

These were lectures early in Pieper's career (1891) -- when he looked so young!... and yet he was the President of Concordia Seminary.  But more importantly, these lectures clearly showed that although God had granted to the Church a Walther to pull it out of its misery, He then compounded that gift by sending Walther's great successor, Franz Pieper, to perfectly carry on Walther's pure teaching until the day Pieper died in 1931.
      There is a statement that Pieper made in the Seventh Lecture on Justification that stuck in my mind.  He was trying to illustrate a feat that would seem impossible for man to do:
If someone were to tell you that he intended to scoop out the ocean or that he planned to travel to the moon or that he wished to undertake other such impossible tasks, you would conclude he was merely joking.
Of course we can laugh about this now -- man traveled to the moon many years ago.  Pieper used this to lead up to the greatest impossible achievement -- working to achieve salvation.  And Pieper achieves the "impossible task" -- he proclaims what God has already done for us!
      Daniel Preus wrote the Foreword to this book, praising Pieper's theology and the importance of the Doctrine of Justification. He finished up by saying
"The Luther Academy is pleased to present to the church this book..."
One wonders with all the other offerings by "Logia" that The Luther Academy is no longer pleased to offer this book by Franz Pieper.

==>> Get it before its gone.  It truly is a treasure for the Church -- "here and now".

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