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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dogmatik: Walther in Der Lutheraner; Table of Contents; Part C in series

      This continues from Part B (LuW) my project of listing Franz Pieper's references to Old Missouri Synod writings in his Christliche Dogmatik (Table of Contents in Part A),
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      Der Lutheraner (or DL) was the other primary publication of Old Missouri.  However Pieper only refers to it 17 times as compared to 186 times for Lehre und Wehre.  This shows the importance that the Synod placed on its writings in its "Doctrine and Defense" theological journal.

This document may be accessed directly >> here <<.

Although Pieper did not refer many times to Der Lutheraner articles, still he listed it as one of the primary publications of Old Missouri in the world for church literature.  Sorry Germany, it was in America.  —

Der Lutheraner Table of Contents

      But I want this post to also publish an extensive, but not exhaustive, Table of Contents for the first 90 volumes of Der Lutheraner.  I have provided a download link to a DOC file previously, but I have since added many hyperlinks to the source material, including new uploads to of Der Lutheraner scans that are not from Google Books.  Many hours of transcribing and hyperlinking have gone into this document – more hours are going into it.  It is my main gateway to all things Der Lutheraner.  It is still being updated and so I indicate the "Last update" in red text so that users may be aware of changes since their last use. — This is a large document and may be slow loading depending on the users Internet speed.

This document available direct: >> here <<   •   PDF copy: >> here << (PDF not auto updated)

As with all my published Google Docs in the German language, English speakers may load this document into the Chrome browser and have it translated quickly.  It is hoped that this will spark more interest in exploring and finding rich treasures of Christian doctrine.  Will others join me in providing translations of some of these articles?  If so, let me know and I will make note of this in the above document.  This document could then become a "clearinghouse" for all activity related to Walther's dear Der Lutheraner.
      The next post is Part D -- references to Convention Essays.

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