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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pieper's Dogmatics set/index no longer sold by CPH

[2017-12-28: update – CPH now offers a "Print on Demand" version for $40, a better deal than their Kindle version.]
      It has come to my attention that Concordia Publishing House is no longer selling the full set of Franz Pieper's Christian Dogmatics.  Their website currently says
Availability: We no longer carry this product.
This was a bit of a surprise to me as I thought there were seminary courses which might still require getting the full set of this basic Dogmatics work.  According to the Wayback Machine, their last record of this item still showing availability was last April, 2016.  The last price shown on Wayback a year ago was $139.99.  (Thankfully the other 3 volumes are still being sold individually by CPH.)
      Then when one attempts to find out if the Index volume, or volume 4, is still available, one is met with the following web message:
"Whoops! Looks like something went wrong. The page may be temporarily unavailable or may no longer exist."
So the only way one may still purchase this book or the full set is through Amazon (here and here) which still lists both being available to some extent.  I see that Amazon still sells the Kindle version of the Index volume and that would certainly be an option for those preferring it.  But there are those who prefer the print version, and it is not just older persons who prefer print.   –  This index is a massive work (1025 pages!) providing quick access to specific subjects, persons and Scripture references across all 3 volumes of Pieper's magnum opus.  Dear God!... how precious this Index has been to me as I studied Pieper's work carefully.

      It seems to me that this abandonment is a good method for the LCMS to begin the final steps to quietly, slowly, inexorably, completely get rid of the old Missouri from its teaching.

      Ah, but President Harrison will protest my criticism... see my next blog series on the new CPH Walther book Pastoral Theology.


  1. This is indeed a sad development! Based on your recommendations and those of a former pastor, I acquired the full set of Pieper's Christian Dogmatics (3 volumes + the index) recently via a used book site, and the index is invaluable. As I slowly make my way through Vol 1, I've been simultaneously able to use the full set as a reference text by consulting the index.

    At the very least, if they are no longer going to offer the print edition, they should make an electronic version.

    1. jwskud:
      Although CPH strangely does not offer even an electronic version, Amazon still does. I have just now added a hyperlink above where I mention the "Kindle version" to Amazon's page - $41.99. Assuming CPH still gets the sale through Amazon, why would they not even mention an ebook version on their website? -- But if the Kindle version becomes unavailable, I may begin to offer enquirers a digital copy myself – I am half-way done scanning this entire book – but don't tell anybody. :-)


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