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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Notice: updated links; updated WELS, McCain; Part 1

[2017-03-25: see added notes in red below on problem with some of my "" links]
      For anyone who has linked to any of my old blog references which utilize my Dropbox account before 2016, be aware that I have had to change these hyperlinks due to a cancellation of Dropbox's "Public" folder for security reasons.  This involves perhaps 100 or more hyperlinks but does not affect any references over the past year or so where I switched to using Google Drive.  All of the larger files in my Box account are untouched, e.g. the St. Louis Edition of Luther's Works. [But please note: I received comment on my Der Lutheraner download page of problems with the links from -- and see some modifications there for temporary fixes.]
      In the process of reviewing all my old blog posts, I have also attempted to fix broken links where the original web pages have gone offline or changed their URL.  Sometimes using the WayBack Machine's archive worked.  Other times I located the changed page URL and updated my link to it.  If anyone finds a broken or outdated hyperlink after today, please let me know by email.
      One particularly welcome discovery was a pleasant surprise on a WELS website.  Thanks WELS for updating your Statement of beliefs on Justification by removing your reference to "forfeiting the forgiveness won for me by Christ" -- see this blog post.  That is a good first step.  Now go the full distance and teach that God had a Change of Heart, not just a change of relationship toward man – 2 Cor. 5:19.

      It is sad for me that Paul McCain completely erased his CyberBrethren blog.  Although I have rebuked his errors, yet some of his blog posts were helpful.  I have in particular worked to salvage one of his posts -- his review article "When is the Book of Concord Not the Book of Concord?" of Prof. Roland Ziegler's essay "Locking the Barn Door" which was a defense of the text of the Book of Concord.  This is a treasure!  I was able to capture a screenshot of McCain's blog from the WayBack Machine and am making it available here, extracted text Google Doc here.

      But there was a particularly striking find as I reviewed my past blog posts – a history of today's LC-MS written 50 years ago.  I present that in my next Part 2.

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  1. The Wayback Machine can recover some of the old Cyberbrethren blogs, and perhaps some of the comments that Paul later deleted in a fit of pique.

    Some of the old blogs through April, 2009, are at the Wayback Machine site,*/

    After that the Cyberbrethren blogs can be found on the Wayback Machine site,*/, until McCain ended the blog in May, 2014.


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