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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pieper’s Dogmatik 2a: Cross Ref English <-> German

      This is a continuation from the previous post publishing a hyperlinked Table of Contents for each volume that cross references the English edition to each section of the original German edition.  Because Volume 2 has so many entries in its Contents, I am splitting it into 2 posts.
      The first section is on "Grace" and there is no better teacher of the Christian Church since C.F.W. Walther to teach us about the Grace of God than Franz Pieper.  I refer the reader to an earlier blog series publishing Pieper's essay on the subject in 1904.
      The second section is about what is sometimes referred to as "Christology".  And although Prof. David P. Scaer presumes to present his teaching on this same subject in his book, yet Pieper is much preferred to Scaer.  Why?  Because Scaer is confused on the central Doctrine of Justification, claiming that "All Theology is Christology".  See my earlier blog post that exposes Scaer's "Fork in the Road".  Pieper's "Doctrine of Christ" will be the better teaching than Scaer's "Christology".  Again, this is because Pieper keeps the Doctrine of Christ pure so that the Doctrine of Justification is kept pure.  Scaer?... claims Justification is subservient.
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Christliche Dogmatik, Volume 2a
by Dr. Franz Pieper
The Saving Grace of God
1. The Necessity of Grace, p. 3
2. The Concept of Saving Grace, p. 7
3. Attributes of Saving Grace, p. 18
4. The Theological Terminology Regarding the Divine Will of Grace, p. 34
Concluding Remarks, p. 49
The Doctrine of Christ
Importance and Division of the Doctrine, p. 55
I. The Doctrine of the Person of Christ, p. 56
Short Summary of the Doctrine, p. 57
1. The True Deity of Christ, p. 59
2. The True Humanity of Christ, p. 67
The Son of Man
Peculiarities of Christ's Human Nature, p. 71
The Human Nature of Christ Came into Existence Through the Operation of the Holy Ghost, p. 71
The Sinlessness of the Human Nature of Christ, p. 73
The Impersonality of the Human Nature of Christ, p. 79
3. The Personal Union, p. 85
The Personal Union and the Christological Theories of Modern Theology, p. 103
4. The Communion of Natures 118
The Reason for the Special Discussion of the Communion of Natures, p. 118
Critique of the Denial of the Communion of Natures, p. 120
The Communion of Natures More Completely Described, p. 123
5. The Communion of Attributes, p. 129
The Three Genera of the Communication of Attributes, p. 132

The First Genus of Communication of Attributes, p. 135
[Definition of the first genus of communication of attributes, p. 143]
Critique of the Denial of the First Genus, p. 147
Abstract Terms in the First Genus, p. 151
The Second Genus of the Communication of Attributes, p. 152
Communicated Omnipotence, p. 158
Communicated Omniscience, p. 162
Communicated Omnipresence, p. 166
[Proof that contradiction by Reformed and moderns is unscientific and unscriptural], p. 167
[The manner of the omnipresence of Christ according to human nature, p. 173]
[The communicated omnipresence and the Lord's Supper, p. 190]
[The agreement between the Lutherans in relation to the communicated omnipresence, p. 195]
[The communicated omnipresence in a state of humiliation and exaltation, p. 205]
Communicated Divine Honor, p. 215
In the Second Genus the Divine Attributes are Not Separated from the Divine Essence, p. 224
The Abstract Terms of the Genus Maiestaticum, p. 227
No Reciprocity of the Second Genus, p. 229
All Divine Attributes are Communicated to the Human Nature, p. 236
The Third Genus of the Communication of Attributes, p. 243
The Importance of the Genus Apotelesmaticum, p. 252
The Genus Apotelesmaticum and the Ancient Church, p. 258
Lutherans and Reformed Use the Same Terms of the Third Genus in a Different Sense, p. 260
Eutychianism and Nestorianism Repudiated in the Third Genus, p. 268
Summary Critique of Reformed Christology, p. 271
II. The Doctrine of the States of Christ, p. 280
1. The Nature of the humiliation and the Exaltation, p. 281
False Views of the Humiliation of Christ, p.  292
The Crypto-Kenotic Controversy, 1619-1627, p. 296
[Uncertainty in the assessment of this dispute, Omitted??]
On the Terminology Used in Describing the Humiliation and Exaltation, p. 301
2. The Several Stages of Christ's Humiliation and Exaltation, p. 305
Christ's Conception and Nativity, p. 306
Empfängnis und Geburt, S. 364
Christ's Education, Growth in Wisdom, and Visible Earthly Life, p. 309
Christ's Suffering, Death, and Burial, p. 310
Christ's Descent into Hell, p. 314
[The Resurrection of Christ, p. 320 (missing in English Contents)]
The Forty Days Between Christ's Resurrection and Ascension, p. 323
Christ's Ascension, p. 324
Christ's Session at God's Right Hand, p. 329
Christ's Second Advent, p. 330
III. The Doctrine of Christ's Office
In General, p. 330
The Threefold Office of Christ, p. 333
The Prophetic Office of Christ
The Execution of the Prophetic Office in the State of Humiliation 334
The Execution of the Prophetic Office in the State of Exaltation, p. 339
The Sacerdotal Office of Christ
The Sacerdotal Office of Christ in the State of Humiliation, p. 342
The Vicarious Satisfaction, p. 344
Die satisfactio vicaria.  – Die stellvertretende Genugtuung., S. 407
Objective and Subjective Reconciliation, p. 347
Objections Raised Against the Vicarious Satisfaction, p. 351
[Historical Notes on the Doctrine of the Vicarious Satisfaction, p. 356]
Some Modern Theories of the Atonement Examined 361
The Active Obedience of Christ, p. 372
The Sacrifice of Christ and the Sacrifices of the Old Testament, p. 378
To Whom and for Whom Christ Rendered Satisfaction, p. 379
The Intercession of Christ, p. 382
The Sacerdotal Office of Christ in the State of Exaltation, p. 382
The Kingly Office of Christ, p. 385
A Threefold Kingdom, p. 385
The Unity of the Three Kingdoms 386
Differences of the Three Kingdoms 387
The Doctrine of the Kingly Office of Christ an Article of Faith, p. 389
False Teachings Regarding the Kingly Office of Christ, p. 390
[Conclusion, p. 394]
[ Schlußbemerkung, S. 472 ]
= = = = = = = =    Continued in next Part 2b   = = = = = = = = = = =
The balance of this cross-reference listing for Volume 2 will be presented in the next blog post.
[See directory for all 3 volumes here.]

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