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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pieper & Lutheran Church: Pope IS THE Antichrist

I want to give Franz Pieper the voice for the true Lutheran Church today concerning the Papacy, as the Roman Catholic Pope traipses through America, the country that is the perceived "leader of the free world"...  America, the destination of the famous German rocket scientist Werner von Braun as he left his Nazi Germany and called America a "people who are guided by the Bible".   I am quoting from the English edition of Volume 3, pages 467-468.
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One cannot blame the Papists for denying from their standpoint the "papam esse ipsum verum antichristum." But the nearly unanimous denial also on the part of modern Protestant theologians, including Lutherans, that the Pope is the Antichrist stems from their opposition to the sola gratia (synergism) and their "liberal" attitude toward Scripture (rejection of Verbal Inspiration). Because of this false position they do not see (1) what an outrage the renunciation and anathematizing of the doctrine of justification is, (2) what a heinous offense the Pope is committing by suppressing the authority of the Word of God, and thus of Christ, and supplanting it with his own authority, and that under the cloak of Christ's name and with a great show of sanctity.
    3. It has been urged that the Papacy still confesses "fundamental articles" of the Christian faith, such as the article of the Trinity and of the theanthropic Person of Christ. We answer: These "fundamental articles" save no man if at the same time he denies and curses the Christian doctrine of justification. Without the article of justification all other doctrines are empty husks.   That the Papacy still confesses some "fundamental articles" is part of the external adornment by which it seeks to cover up its apostasy from the Christian doctrine.
— President Franz Pieper, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri
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All emphases above are mine.  —  What we are witnessing this week in America is more of this "external adornment".  I believe the Pope of Rome IS THE VERY Antichrist.  You know... what the Lutheran Church believes, teaches, and confesses.

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