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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A teacher in Christendom... (on Grace). (1 of 8)

My eye caught the following statement in Franz Pieper's Christian Dogmatics book (vol. 2, page 4):
Therefore no man should set himself up as a teacher in Christendom who has not fully grasped this distinction between pagan religions and the Christian religion.
What distinction is Pieper talking about?  What is the difference between the Christian religion and all other religions?  What is so important that "no man should set himself up as a teacher in Christendom who has not grasped this distinction"?

Oh, this sounds really important... and all Christendom should sit down and listen to Pieper on "this distinction" (C.D., vol. 2, pg 4) [PNG]:
Whoever is saved among men is saved without the Law and works, saved by the grace of God in Christ.  So it was determined by God: "By grace . . . not of works, lest any man should boast" (Eph. 2:8-9).
Therefore if any man has set himself up as a teacher in Christendom and "has not fully grasped this distinction", he is teaching falsely, at least in part.  And by the way, Hinduism is one of the pagan religions.

Since God says it is "by grace", I want to present an extended series of blog posts presenting a translation from the German of an essay by Franz Pieper on this word "Grace" – with an introduction in the next post.
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Table of Contents – Series on "Grace":
Part 1 – A true teacher in Christendom (this post)
Part 2 – Intro to Pieper's essay "Grace."
Part 3 – Pieper's essay (Parts 3-8) - Boerhaave story
Part 4 – Old and New Testament teaching of grace.
Part 5 – Lutheran Confessions and St. Augustine on grace
Part 6 – "devil's apostle", Peter vs. Judas
Part 7 – How to kill faith
Part 8 – All pure Christians agree... on grace; true Church History

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