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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Old Missouri Synod: profs, officers listing, etc.

I have had a request to fill in some missing and needed information for various items of the old Missouri Synod:

1) Lehre und Wehre
My correspondent discovered from my original listing that Google Books is missing some monthly issues in their volumes, so see below downloads to fill in these gaps:
  • Vol. 7, 1861- August - download PDF scan ======>>   here  << ==
  • Vol. 10, 1864 - Feb., May, July - download PDF scan ==>>   here  << ==
I have updated the original Lehre und Wehre listing with these same download links.

2) Reference list of abbreviations for Authors of Lehre und Wehre articles:  
Below are 2 listings I started years ago to be able to answer that question myself, primarily to be able to identify the authors of articles not only in Lehre und Wehre, but also in Der Lutheraner and other publications.  After Franz Pieper died in 1931, my interest in who the authors were drops dramatically.

Beyond the professors, I also made a listing of the officers of the Synod and its districts in its earlier years, in case my listing of professors did not solve a mystery of authorship of an article:

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