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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lehre und Wehrecomplete text online

[Dec. 3, 2014: modified to add download links for missing pages on Google Books- see below]

As in the previous post, I am presenting a survey of all the online sources for the publishings of the old (German) Missouri Synod – especially because some are now offering text (OCR'd) from properly recognized old German fraktur font, the only font used by old Missouri.  This survey almost supercedes the previous post in January which provided links to only the scanned images.  (The old one has been updated.)

This is especially exciting because the quality of OCR recognition on some volumes is now good enough to get immediate rough translations from Google Translate (inside Google Chrome on desktop PC) into English.  The same process as shown in the diagram in the last post works also for these.

What does this mean?  It means that thousands of pages of the heart of old Missouri are now becoming available at our fingertips... and for English readers.  And I will be using hyperlinks to these more often as I reference the old (German) Missouri Synod in future blog posts.

Online scans and plain text.

Added Dec. 3, 2014:
I have been informed of missing pages in Google Books of the following months and am providing download links for these missing months:

  • Vol. 7, 1861- August - download PDF scan ======>>   here  << ==
  • Vol. 10, 1864 - Feb., May, July - download PDF scan ==>>   here  << ==

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A continuation of my survey is in the next post on Walther's works.

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