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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stoeckhardt on Missouri-4: Cosmology

This continues from Part 3, highlighting a major convention essay (in English translation) by George Stoeckhardt: The Missouri Synod (Table of Contents in Part 1).  In this part 4, I address one aspect of the Inerrancy of Holy Scripture, quoting Stoeckhardt against today's theologian for the LC-MS – Hermann Sasse:
G. Stoeckhardt:

They [leaders of Protestant Christendom, Neo-Lutherans] think the Bible contains also matters of lesser importance, and these are of human origin. e.g., what Scripture says about sun, moon, and stars, what it relates about the history of nations, that is purely human. That's where you will find human errors, mistakes, and contradictions.
Hermann Sasse,
“Additional Notes Concerning Holy Scripture”
edited by Jeffrey Kloha
p. 170:
The third instance of the human limitation of the Scripture concerns the world-view of the holy writers. Where they speak of nature, of the sun, moon and stars, of heaven in an astronomical sense, and of the earth and its component parts, the Scriptures speak of the things in the way that they appeared to people of antiquity, not as they appeared to men of later centuries, and not as they are in themselves.

Prof. Jeffrey Kloha was particularly pernicious in his attempt to exonerate Hermann Sasse's erroneous teaching on Holy Scripture, long before the current "plastic text" controversy (see here).  Both Kloha and Sasse hate the theology of Walther and Pieper, and Kloha has openly stated that the LC-MS should disavow the Brief Statement of 1932.  I have news for Prof. Kloha: why bother?  The Brief Statement already has only lip service given to it anyway...  it's a great way to continue to deceive the laity, like the statue of Luther on the grounds of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis...

Stoeckhardt does not go into great detail on all the points where modern theology either denies outright or is not sure about the Creation account and Geocentrism.  But he says this to refute it (p. 255):
True "Missourian"
Our synod has all along protested against this view of Scriptures. It has maintained that the Bible is totally inspired by God and so is in all its parts infallible truth. But this is now called "Missourian separatistic doctrine". And many a controversy has arisen over this. Whoever in Germany does not accept this new doctrine or is not at all pleased with it does not belong in the church [in Germany] any longer. – G. Stoeckhardt
The year was 1894, but now in 2014, the statement concerning Germany then can not only be said of America, but also about those who would today call themselves the "Missouri Synod", at least to the extent the LC-MS allows room for evolutionism and an anti-Christian cosmology among its teachers, in violation of the Scripture teaching.

In the next Part 5a, I quote Stoeckhardt against Berthold von Schenk.

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