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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

@franzpieper: Pieper quotes; Where is Steve Born? (saved copy of his work)

There are 2 items of interest (maybe 3) concerning what appears (and doesn't appear) on the Web:

1) @franzpieper
@franzpieper (Twitter)
I ran across a website that I was unaware of before: the Twitter site called @franzpieper.  This site offers daily short quotes from the writings of Pieper without any comments added, at least that I have found so far.  I was rather impressed with the short quotes which appear to be largely gathered from Pieper's Christian Dogmatics series.  For example, the "Tweets" from December 15 and 16 are from volume 3, page 297.  Although the quotes are a marvelous read, yet I have to wonder who the person is that is posting these quotes verbatim from the English translation of Pieper's Christliche Dogmatik...  and why is he (she?) doing this?  One wants to believe they are posting these because they believe Pieper's teaching... but do they?  It is a bit odd that one posting (I would rather not call it a "tweet") shows a picture of Pieper and a caption that would purport to be from Pieper himself, which of course is not true since Pieper died in 1931. — These quotes are a wonderful start to learn Lutheran (i.e. Christian) theology, but after reading a few quotes, the reader who is unfamiliar with Pieper and Lutheranism would do well to just purchase the complete 4-volume set, used or new, and read them cover to cover, over and over, making notes as you go... like I (and Ludwig Fuerbringer) did.

2) Steve Born - where are you?? [NOTE!! see comments below for corrections to this information!  My apologies to Mr. Steve Born.; 2018-01-07: struck out info no longer correct.]

An Index to the Works of Martin Luther
by Steve Born
There was another website that was working to bring more of Franz Pieper to the web: Steve Born.  I blogged on this last August 15.  Mr. Born's work of providing a cross-reference listing of various publications of Luther's works was originally pointed out to me by James Swan's BeggersAllReformation blog (see sidebar "Luther's Works Etc.") and I have ever since made extensive use of Mr. Born's Index.  BUT it appears now to be off the Internet – for some weeks now – without a trace.  I have waited awhile to see if it would return, but now after some weeks of nothing, I think Mr. Born's work is too valuable to let it disappear completely. One would think that an archive copy would still be available via the WaybackMachine, but it is not because Born's page was fed by a database (Ajax?) that could be resorted at runtime.  I saved a copy of Steve Born's webpage "An Index to the Works of Martin Luther" while it was still live and am republishing it here:
  1. Download ZIP copy of his former webpage ===>> here <<  (47 KB ZIP file of all HTML files)
  2. Download screen capture of entire page =====>> here << (4MB PNG file)
Unfortunately my saved copy of Born's page will not allow a re-sort to anything but in "St. Louis German" order.  So I am starting to use my old published Index on this blog post, and the spreadsheet is available to view here.

I am especially saddened by Mr. Born's departure because it was apparent that he too valued Franz Pieper's Christian Dogmatics.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

3) Hmmm... I wonder why James Swan of BeggarsAllReformation, who purports to speak for Martin Luther from a Reformed standpoint, took my blog off his listing of links for websites on "Lutheranism"?  Am I too Lutheran for him?  If so, I would point him to Walther's statement that "All Reformed sects... were first Lutheran".


  1. The webpage appears to be okay now:

    The same for the reference webpage:

    1. Well that is embarrassing. I've checked with 3 different browsers with the same result (404 Not Found) so I wonder that my router is blocking this for some reason... perhaps others may be having the same problem. After switching off WiFi and to "mobile data" I find now that my phone can connect OK. Again, I wonder that something changed on Born's website that is causing my problem and perhaps others have it too... very strange. I'll amend the main text with your notice. Thx for the heads-up.


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