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Friday, August 15, 2014

Steve Born’s TOC for Pieper's Christian Dogmatics

[2015-10-26: apparently Mr. Born has discontinued what he started and no longer publishes these pages on his website.  I wonder why...?]
I have just discovered that Steve Born has published a Table of Contents for Franz Pieper's Christian Dogmatics (C.D.) set of books. This will be a good review of Pieper's subject matter for those considering a purchase of the 4-volume set.  Mr. Born had also previously published another wonderful resource, a cross-reference Index to Luther's Works, even if it only covers the material translated by the American Edition.

Steve Born's Table of Contents to Pieper's Christian Dogmatics
I refer to Pieper's C.D. books quite often so this will be a help for quick online referencing to Pieper's subject matter.

But what is surprising is that Mr. Born is adding extensive quotations from the books, not just headings.  These are available by clicking on the various headings.  This appears to be a work in progress and I await to see just how much text will be added in the future... I almost wonder that Concordia Publishing House will warn him on copyright issues like they warned me when I published in-copyright material from Walther...

Anyway, I will say it again: Pieper's Christian Dogmatics are the finest textbooks of Christian doctrine that the world may ever see.  And so anyone who wants to understand "What Is Christianity" and the best defenses against modern attacks of it, will purchase the 4-volume set.  If funds are tight, Mueller's abridged version is available to download (free) from my blog post here.

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