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Monday, November 24, 2014

Walther's Textbook, v.3b (Baier-Walther Compendium)

      This continues the series (see Part 1 for Table of Contents) publishing the digital text of "Walther's textbook", the Baier-Walther Compendium Theologiae Positivae.  As always, the printed versions of "Walther's Textbook" are available from Emmanuel Press.
      Part IIIb (pages 337-787) is too large to place on a single blog post and so I am only publishing the chapters on "Law and Gospel",  and the sacraments, omitting those on "Church", "Ministry", civil government, domestic society and marriage.  See "Table of Contents" on previous blog post for further reference.

   Download complete searchable PDF of Volume IIIb ==>> here <<== (14 MB)
   Download complete DOCX file of Volume IIIb ======>> here <<=== (1 MB) (or here)

"Walther's Textbook", Volume IIIb 
(only pgs 337-613; 614-787 omitted here)

There is a lot of theology in "Walther's Textbooks".  Because there are so many languages used in it, I am glad that Franz Pieper wrote his Christliche Dogmatik mostly in German, and that these could then be conveniently translated into my language of English, into his Christian Dogmatics.  But now that Walther's Textbook is much more convenient to access, I plan to make use of it in areas of interest, such as the Lutheran Doctrine of Justification, to see how Walther used the quotes of not only Martin Luther, but also from "Lutheran Orthodoxy" and the Lutheran Confessions.  Now that we have the powerful Google Translate (and others), this work from "Old Missouri" is now usable.

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