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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Walther's Textbook, Index v.4 (Baier-Walther Compendium)

      This continues the series (see Part 1 for Table of Contents) publishing the digital text of "Walther's textbook", the Baier-Walther Compendium Theologiae Positivae.  As always, the printed versions of "Walther's Textbook" are available from Emmanuel Press.  (My works are not taken from their republished book but rather from an original copy.)
      I am breaking the sequence to publish the Index volume, sometimes referred to as Volume IV.  This volume is not available on Google Books and is somewhat obscure in WorldCat's database. This Index was published 20 years after the first 3 volumes, and 12 years after Walther's passing, by Theodore Buenger.  It shows that "Walther's Textbook" was still revered in its capacity for teaching at Concordia Seminary.  Franz Pieper's subsequent Christian Dogmatics textbooks were still about 20 years away.
Download the complete scanned Index "Volume IV" ==>> here <<== (searchable PDF, 4MB)
(2017-01-17: copy > here <)

What follows is the OCR'd text, except the Scripture references index – pages 106-112.  Use the download above for the entire book to view these pages.

This Index volume IV is a useful resource for extended research in theological subjects.  It is good for additional information beyond (and correction to) the online Christian Cyclopedia.  Here is a sampling of subjects I picked out to peak the reader's interest to make this Index a continuing resource:

Certitudo justificationis ... ,,monstrum incertitudinis superat omnia monstra“ in papatu 291.
Huber, Sam. (see Dr. Jack Kilcrease blog on Huber's error here)
Hunnius, Aegidius (some claim he was against Universal Justification)
Intuitu, intuitu fidei III 554 de intuitu fidei in doctrina electionis vid. praedestinatio (fides)
Justificatio objective considerata
Keplerus, Joh. († 1630), II, 86.
Lutherus, Martinus... de justificatione objective considerata III 134. 271.
Militia spiritualis III, 614.
Pontifex Romanus (Roman Popes)
Praedestinatio (Predestination, Election)
Sponsores baptismales III, 487 s.

Another point of interest is in the appendix – Walther's theological "Axioms" starting at page 113.  Axiom # 28 says (translated from the Latin):
28. Articles of faith in themselves are not contrary to reason, but only above reason.
Above reason.  Oh, if only the inventor of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee, or the cosmologist Carl Sagan († 1996), or the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, or the "Mythbuster" Adam Savage would only see that their reason cannot comprehend the things of God... and so would get smart, and not be dumb or stupid, and open their eyes to God's Word!

All this begs the question: when will I complete the digital text of the remaining Volume II and Volume III?  Soon...

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