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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moving Frontiers (away from Gospel); Luth. Trivia

In this series of blog posts relating to "Church History", I again pulled out the book I read many years ago when I was searching for the heart of the "Missouri Synod".  It was edited by Carl S. Meyer, and this book is still sold by Concordia Publishing House (see current book cover right), sealing it as a book still purporting to tell today's world about the history of the "Missouri Synod".  But it is a book in which I long ago discovered that most of the writers, including editor Carl S. Meyer, distorted and falsified the real (spiritual) Church history.  To be sure, the book includes some source documents, but then proceeds in many ways to judge the old (German) Missouri Synod.  One example is William J. Danker's statement (on page 294) that Missouri's "mission to the heathen" was "retarded", as if today's LC-MS and its confused Gospel is a better "mission to the heathen".  To go into all the details of where the authors failed and falsified would take too long.  I had to laugh when one of the reviewers on Amazon (V. Johnson) said: "People who enjoy Lutheran Trivia would be interested in reading this book".  "Lutheran Trivia" indeed!... but not so much spiritual history.  But when I pulled this book off the shelf today, my hand-written notes from more than 15 years ago struck me... and so I offer to the reader the (original) cover of my copy of this book:
Moving Frontiers
edited by Carl S. Meyer

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