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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Walther quote from – I found it.

When I composed my original website, I wanted to finish the essay with a strong proclamation of the Gospel, something that I felt Franz Pieper himself would have preferred.  Why?  Because Franz Pieper would consider the Gospel more important than his own reputation.

So how did I end that essay?  With this quote from C.F.W. Watlher:
C.F.W. Walther wrote in 1868: "…you often hear pastors preach, 'You are saved if you believe.' What they should be saying is, 'You are saved so that you might believe.'"
But for the longest time, I forgot where the exact quote came from.  But I have recently discovered it.  It is on page 172 of Essays For The Church, Volume I 1857 - 1879.... you know, the volumes that CPH no longer offers.  The quote is taken from Walther's essay to the Central District in 1868, pages 170 - 178.

I want to re-produce the entire page: (go ahead, CPH, send me another warning letter for copyright infringement)
[PDF download here]
Does your pastor preach like this?  No?  Then maybe you need to find a Lutheran pastor...

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