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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Sheep Judge Their Shepherds – Walther sermon (Part 2)

This continues and concludes from Part 1 where I introduced this sermon.

The subject matter of Walther's sermon is a matter of spiritual life and death for all Christians for he speaks spiritually of "ravening wolves".  But who are these "ravening wolves" that can kill you for all eternity?  Would you not like to know?  Then...   read Walther for the answer:
Highlighting is mine. Underlining is in the original.

(July 18: Note – I notice that Pastor Jack Cascione has also published this sermon here.  This sermon certainly is a mainstay in his struggles against today's LC-MS.)

If ever there was a time for this sermon, this is it.

The reason I have published this sermon is that I want it handy so that I can read it online anytime... for Walther teaches me God's Word and I can say that Walther is not a "ravening wolf", but rather
The American Luther.

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