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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pieper's Addresses – translations from Australia

This post publishes a series of short addresses and a sermon given by Prof. Franz Pieper.  These were translated into English about 10 years ago (2002) by an Australian Lutheran pastor.  Since the people of Australia also speak English, Australians are also dependent like us Americans on getting the original German translated for our benefit.  A pastor of the ELCR (Evangelical Lutheran Congregations of the Reformation) has devoted significant time to translating several of the German works of Franz Pieper into English.  And these addresses are real gems.  The Introduction states in part:
In order that more of the outstanding works of this Godly orthodox Lutheran teacher may be available in English, and that we might sit at his feet and learn these vital truths of God’s Word, five of the following six addresses to the student body of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, USA have been translated by the undersigned. ... Reference to Greek and Hebrew terms as well as Latin expressions have been omitted in order to make the translation flow. The italicised emphasis is Pieper’s and the bold emphasis is mine. Also a sermon on Romans 16:17 is included.
       "an Australian Lutheran pastor belonging to the ELCR",
       Kingaroy, Australia.
       Christmas. 2002.
The titles of Pieper's Addresses are as follows:
  1. The True Love for the Study of Theology
  2. Three Characteristics of True Theology
  3. Up-to-Date Theology at Concordia Seminary
  4. True Reverence For God’s Word
  5. Luther’s Method For The Study Of The Word Of God (Prayer, Meditation, Affliction)
  6. Distinguendum Est – Observe Proper Distinctions.
  7. Sermon on Romans 16:17-18 - Avoid!
Original formatting by the translator has been retained. Titles and footnotes are hyperlinked for ease of navigation. (Note: these internal hyperlinks do not work in my Android Chrome, but do work in desktop Chrome and Firefox) I have refrained from highlighting any of the text since I am re-publishing another's work.  The translator acknowledged others in his endeavor such as Pastor Kenneth Miller of the LCR († 2011).

There is so much spiritual food when reading Franz Pieper.  A Christian finds his home here.  I am especially glad to have Pieper's sermon on Romans 16:17-18 published – this is the Bible verse that O.P. Kretzmann of Valparaiso University laughed at.  But Pieper doesn't laugh at it... he teaches it! – about Church Fellowship.  Hmmm... which do you think was the true Lutheran teacher?

The Australian pastor who translated "Pieper's Addresses" is more than just a translator, he is a student of Franz Pieper!  He, like me, is getting spiritual instruction and joy from reading the works of Franz Pieper.  He preaches "Justification by grace though faith in Christ without the deeds of the Law" – see Pieper's sermon above on Romans 16:17, section II..  The Australian pastor writes:
The file "Pieper's Addresses" was printed in booklet form mainly for our people here in Australia. ... Your are welcome to publish any of this material, including that one Rom.16:17. ... My name means nothing and I would prefer it not to be used. Whatever value there is for people is by God's grace for His glory. A lot of hard work and spiritual joy goes into this and I am sure that there are better translators."
May the people of America, the Lutherans, also benefit from these works from Australia!  I call Franz Pieper more than the title "International Luther" that some have applied to Prof. Kurt Marquart († 2006) — I call Franz Pieper by the greater title:

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