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Monday, June 10, 2013

Walther as Theologian – Part 7:The Ministry–I & II

Continued from Part 6.  Table of Contents in Part 1.

Now we come to Pieper's portion on Walther's teaching on the Public Ministry, or the "pastoral office".

Highlighting is my own.  Underlining is in original.
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At this point, Prof. McLaughlin broke this article in Lehre und Wehre into a separate month issue of the Orthodox Lutheran Theologian.  So below is what I either call "Part 10" of the OLT or Part 7b of the LuW series.  I have given it the title "The Ministry II".

There is much to learn from Walther on not only the Ministry, but also the layman's role in the Church.  I have been refreshed as I read each portion.  One particular point in this installment refutes the error of Pastor Wilhelm Loehe, a favorite teacher for many in today's LC-MS, especially Prof. John T. Pless.  There are other writers today who point out the errors of today's LC-MS in regards to its practice of denying laymen the right to judge and speak on matters of doctrine.  The pages of the newspaper Christian News often report of them (search "pro-Loehe" on his site).  And Pastor Jack Cascione is an ardent writer on this topic and seems to have a good understanding of Walther's teaching, largely because he defends Universal, Objective Justification.

The next post will be Part 8 – Church Government.

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