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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Walther as Theologian – Part 14:Conversion

Continued from Part 13.  Table of Contents will be in Part 1 when all installments are finished.

I must apologize on this installment of Prof. McLaughlin's translation because I am missing the last page 154 of the pages 148-154.  To fill in the missing portion, I have attempted a rough translation, mostly by using Google Translate.  But Google Translate (with a little help) does a creditable job of bringing the meaning of the original German text of Pieper and Walther.
Highlighting is my own.  Underlining is in original.
Hyperlinks within this document should be opened in a new tab (or window).
(Quotes and comments may be added at a later date).

The next post is Part 15 – Election of Grace.

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