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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maybe I should stop reading Walther...

Maybe I should stop reading Walther... he gets my faith so stirred up.  And my comments based on him seem to stir up other Lutherans... one way or the other.  Good!  I recall early on when God had re-kindled my faith that I threw Luther's Small Catechism back on the bookshelf because it seemed that Luther had caused so much strife among me and my acquaintances.  Ah well, that is the way of this world.

Now I am no longer throwing Luther, Walther, and Pieper back on the bookshelf, but rather throwing the world off instead of them.  To all those Lutherans who criticize me, you will know where to find me... this "errant man riding his own hobby horse" will be sitting at the feet of Luther, Walther, and Pieper.  To all those Lutherans I say: "You should join me at their feet".  And I say this especially about Prof. Franz Pieper, the Twentieth Century Luther, who not only carried the pure Lutheran doctrine through the last century but also to this very day!  Maybe someone will say "Pieper's been dead since 1931".  To that I say:

Franz Pieper Lives!

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