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Monday, June 3, 2013

Walther as Theologian – Part 5: "Scientific" (modern) Theology

Continued from Part 4.  Table of Contents in Part 1.
I'm drowning in quotes that I could pull from this installment.  I will present a few quotes following this presentation.

Highlighting is my own.  Underlining is in original.
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In a previous series of blog posts, I presented Franz Pieper's teaching on the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture.  The above essay shows Pieper was a faithful student of Walther... but not only this, he was also Walther's equal in teaching these doctrines.  Walther makes some very strong statements in this essay.  Here is one that I will repeat:
But a science the aim, or at least result, of which is the unsettling of the basis upon which Christendom, as long as it exists, must stand and rest, we regard as nothing less than a weapon of the devil, and all those who employ it we regard as the devil’s servants.
I have read writings from a lot of theologians who in reality are devil's servants, for they cause me to question the truth of Holy Scriptures.  And Scriptures also teach creation, the priority of the Earth in the universe (aka "geocentricity"), against usury, a historical chronology of the world, etc.

And another quote:
 “that the modern Lutheran theology is not a progress or further development of the old, but an entirely new, different theology- a most decided apostasy from the latter.”
Hmmm... apostasy was the word that Walther used.

And one more quote, this time a warning against the inappropriate use of apologetics:
But...modern theology...  regards it as its peculiar function to elevate the Christian doctrines into “absolute truth”... that is to demonstrate them to be truth also independently of Scripture, in short, to justify the Christian faith before the bar of reason.  ... With our whole heart we hate all such apologetics, for it assumes that there is something surer than Gods Word
To celebrate Walther's love for true science, I present my blog on the Internet!  The Internet provided especially by Google (with all the incredible resources) is at the heart of it.  The Internet is a masterpiece of our times in science and technology – that the world is virtually connected instantly... and that I can present to you the true Walther, Pieper, and Luther!  ... brought to you by Google Books, Google Translate (in Google Chrome), and Google Blogger.  Who does not know that the Internet can also bring anti-Christian information.  So what?  God has provided the greatest avenue for spreading His Gospel message... and true Christian doctrine from Luther, The American Luther, and the Twentieth Century Luther!

The next post is Part 6 – The Church.

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