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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walther's Formula of Concord – high drama, doctrine – Part 3

This continues from Part 2 which contains a Table of Contents to this new book, a translation of Walther's book on the Formula of Concord.

As I begin to read this book, I am a bit stunned by how much this book speaks to the Lutheran, that is the Christian, faith.  I had been thinking I was too harsh when I spoke of "hypocrites" in Part 1 who write on the Formula of Concord while ignoring C.F.W. Walther.  But now, I wonder all the more that it is true.  When I look around me, I want to exclaim, "Dear God, that time is now!".  When Franz Pieper closed his eyes in death, all hell broke loose, just as when Luther closed his eyes.

Lord, have mercy on us!  We don't deserve anything from thee, but I pray thee to send teachers who follow Luther, Walther and Pieper!  Dear God, I pray this in the name of thy dear son, Jesus Christ!  Amen.

Dear reader, read this book of Walther.  Put aside any other books by LC-MS/CPH authors and others that purport to give "historical backgrounds" and listen to Walther!
There is high drama, not like the Olympics, or any of a million other sources of drama, action, and entertainment of today, ... but real drama, spiritual drama.  You want excitement?  Maybe entertainment?
  • Who was fed by a raven and a laying hen while hiding from the murdering Papists? (pg 22)
  • What document was thrown into a roaring fire by an old Lutheran preacher? (pg. 24)
  • What was mixed with water for Baptism by the Papists? (pg 26)
  • On whose head did Emperor Charles put a price? (pg 27)
  • Who said "The dubious Lutherans now no longer hold the pope to he the Antichrist."? (pg 27)
No one, ... no one knows Luther and the Lutheran Confessions better than C.F.W. Walther!

I am a weeping Lutheran, I weep for Christianity!  I beg you to read C.F.W. Walther!

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