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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mormons, polygamy, Mississippi

To follow the previous post which showed the worldly Mormon religion, Franz Pieper also commented on a state government grappling with the detrimental effects of a part of Mormonism – polygamy.  This practice has been pushed into the background now in America, but it wasn't so in 1900.  Pieper comments in Lehre und Wehre, volume 46, page 27:
Mormons. The Governor of the State of Mississippi recently recommended the enactment of laws which prevent the spread of Mormonism.  He said in his message that Mormon apostles under the guise of the Gospel seduced people into polygamy under the cloak of the Gospel.  Indeed, the state does not get out of line if it makes legally punishable, like polygamy, also the "provocation" of polygamy.     F.P.
Pieper identifies the estate of marriage as under the protection of the State.  It is the governments that are now going against the estate of marriage with their allowance of "men with men" and women who "change the natural use" of their bodies  –  Romans 1:26-27 – hardly happy or gay people.

The next post on Mormonism concerns their zeal.

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