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Saturday, August 4, 2012

New book: Walther's Formula of Concord-Kern und Stern, Part 2

This continues from Part 1 concerning the new book, an English translation of Walther's Formula of Concord...
As promised, I am producing a basic Table of Contents for this new book so people can get a glimpse of its contents.  In addition, I am supplying links on some of the key words and subject to sources of background, especially Wikipedia articles.  But Wikipedia can cause confusion in spiritual matters, so read Walther for the true spiritual meaning.  And Mr. Howes also does a good job of explaining some of the subjects in footnotes – another good reason to purchase this book.

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The Formula of Concord - Core and Highlights 1
Translator's Preface 3
Foreword 7
Historical Introduction
Chapter 1 – Luther's Predictions, What Would Happen After His Death 11
Chapter 2 – What great concerns Luther's death first awakened among the Lutherans 15
Chapter 3 – How, Soon After Luther's death, a War Most Unfortunate for Germany's Lutherans, Namely the So-called Smalcaldic War, Broke Out 17
Chapter 4 – The Sort of Disputes that Arose over the So-called Interim and Adiaphora in the Year 1548 in the Lutheran Church. 21
Chapter 5 – How, After Luther's Death, a Controversy Broke Out in the Lutheran Church over Justification Before God and over the Necessity of Good Works. 29
Chapter 6 – How after Luther's death a controversy arose in the Lutheran church over free will and over original sin. 33
Chapter 7 – How, After Luther's Death, a Controversy Arose over the Distinction of Law and Gospel and over the Third Use of the Law 37
Chapter 8 – How after Luther's death secret Calvinists, called Crypto-Calvinists, sneaked into our church and in there stirred up very dangerous disputes. 39
Chapter 9 – How, for the resolution of the controversies that arose in the Lutheran Church after Luther's death the Formula of Concord was composed. 51
Chapter 10 – How the Formula of Concord was introduced into the Lutheran churches 59
Conclusion 63

Formula of Concord – Epitome, Comprehensive Summary of the Disputed Articles
I. Of Original Sin 70
II. Of Free Will 74
III. Of Justification of Faith before God 78
IV. Of Good Works 81
V. Of the Law and Gospel 84
VI. Of the Third Use of the Law 86
VII. Of Christ's Holy Supper 88
VIII. Of the Person of Christ 93
IX. Of Christ's Descent Into Hell 98
X. Of Church Customs which one calls Adiaphora or Middle Things 99
XI. Of the Eternal Foreknowledge and Election of God 101
XII. Of Other Factions and Sects That Never Acknowledged the Augsburg Confession 104
Erroneous Articles of the Anabaptists 105
Intolerable Articles in the Churches 105
Intolerable Articles in Government 106
Intolerable Articles in Households 106
Erroneous Articles of the Schwenkfelders 107
Error of the new Arians 107
Error of the Anti-Trinitarians 108
[Conclusion] 109

The Doctrine of Election in Questions and Answers 111
Preface 113
The Doctrine of Election in Question and Answer 121
Afterword 147
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It was especially the Doctrine of Election that Walther used the FC to combat the errors that arose over it. And it took this mighty teacher of God's Grace to separate out the error, that again this doctrine too can be a comforting doctrine for Christians – it is an Election of Grace and no other.
I may yet produce an index for this book.  See the next Part 3 for further comments on this important book.

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