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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mormons, Rome, British, Jews, Socialists -> Kingdom of God on Earth!

In the previous post, I quoted Franz Pieper (F.P.) from the February, 1921 issue of Lehre und Wehre, page 62.  On that same page, he wrote about the frenzy in today's world to create a Kingdom of God on Earth.  Since there is much confusion in today's world about Mormonism, I am starting a series of posts on this "religion".  Here is Pieper's brief article:
A sharp competition for the establishment of the "Kingdom of God" on earth is currently before our eyes. Our "Latter Day Saints", the Mormons, still firmly believe that the state of Utah, in particular Salt Lake City with its temple, will be the center of a kingdom of God on earth, where "the saints" are the landlords and the kings and judges, while the "heathen", the non-Mormons themselves, will enjoy the "privilege", as plowmen, winemakers, gardeners, carpenters, etc. to serve the "saints".  Where Rome is concerned, it has of course fixed on its old sentence in relation to the kingdom of God: "I am the kingdom of God."  Also for many British, the kingdom of God coincides with British rule, and many Americans, particularly those whose American patriotism is beyond all doubt, are of the same opinion.  The Jerusalem-based Jerusalem News lays out the arrival of the British in Jerusalem as the coming of the Kingdom of God. This coming of the British kingdom of God seems to serve the expulsion of German missionaries from India and other places.  Furthermore: The Reform Jew Dr. Weizmann said at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Jewish University on the Mount of Olives, that from this University of the renewed and united Judaism will rule all mankind spiritually.  The Orthodox Jews who have come to Palestine would like with pleasure to put the place of spiritual rule at the physical one in Jerusalem, provisionally at least.  However they very soon came into conflict with the British authorities on that.  Everybody with each other seems to fear more or less the arrival of another realm, namely of God's kingdom of the Socialists and related connections.  And the possibility is not excluded that this kingdom of God may come yet.  In this competition for the kingdom of God, it is a great comfort to know that the real Kingdom of God, in spite of competition, will come and remain on the Day of Judgement, namely an invisible community such who believe by operation of the Holy Spirit the Gospel of the Savior of sinners that is a stumbling block to the Jews and to the Greeks foolishness.    F. P.
I have not taken time to research the specifics of Pieper's details on Mormonism, I will leave it there...  the reader can do their own Internet research.  But I believe Pieper had the relevant teachings of Mormonism correct.  There are many sites that show the false teachings of this "religion" which attempts to attach itself to Christianity – some sites more helpful than others.

The topic of "Socialism" that Pieper speaks of also has a complex history... just follow these topics in Wikipedia:
Christian Socialism
Francis Bellamy (Baptist minister who wrote Pledge of Allegiance, was a "Christian socialist")
Bellamy Salute (ha!)

See the next post on Mormonism... polygamy.

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