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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who Am I?

I'm not a pastor.  I'm not a teacher or professor at a seminary. I'm not a missionary.  I'm not a "Church Professional". I'm even not a member of any congregation now.  So who am I?  Who is this BackToLuther?

Dear God! Who am I that I should be the only one in the world today who is expounding the Doctrine of Universal, Objective Justification like Walther did?  Even in his day, Walther was almost the only one who expounded this doctrine and had to strengthen his brethren... he had to answer many questions when he taught this most beautiful doctrine.  How he rejoiced when Prof. Georg Stoeckhardt (Stöckhardt) came to the St. Louis Seminary from Germany and also expounded this doctrine (i.e. the Gospel) as purely as he did.

I recall a "confession" by my elderly father (about 15 years ago) as he and I attended a weekly Bible study on the book of John.  My father did not speak much of his faith and did not comment much during this Bible study. Somehow the Bible passage of Mark 9:24 came up and I recall my father speaking before the group from the heart saying the same words:
Lord I believe, help thou mine unbelief!
I was struck by my father's words... they were his confession of faith!

And so who am I? I'm just a Christian like any other Christian, hanging on by a thread, just a thin thread, because all I bring to the table is my unbelief.  God has given me a faith to believe Him at His Word, that He truly means it when He said: "For God so loved the world...", a fallen, sinful, proud, unbelieving world!  And so this confession of my father is also my confession (like my other one):

Lord I believe, help thou mine unbelief!

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