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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quotes of C.F.W. Walther on Doctrine of Justification (Part 2)

See Part 1 for previous quotes and the source material.
The charge of  "universalism" is raised by some "conservative Lutheran" writers against Universal, Objective Justification.  But does this charge have merit?
3. Universalism
page 64: It is satanic pride to say: “If God is indeed just, then it is logical that He will want to save all people.”
page 106: Now the papists, Armenians, and other sects come and say: There you see what a fine doctrine the Lutherans have.  They say: ’Eternal life is given unconditionally.’  Accordingly the wicked, thieves, liars, etc., all would be saved.  Just as the Universalists teach, no one would be lost but all would be saved, even the devil....
But that is nothing but pure swindle. The enthusiasts know well enough that we do not teach that. Rather, such a doctrine (i.e. of Universalists) is a most disgraceful one, by which God is made to be the devil.
4. Universal will of Grace
page 64: But we do know that He actually desires to save all people; He has revealed this in His word.
page 65: This teaching we find clearly enunciated in our Confessions, where in the Formula of Concord, Art. XI of the Epitome, we read: “The passage, “Many are called, but few are chosen,” does not mean that God does not desire to save everyone.
page 65: The will of God to save him (resister) is nevertheless an earnest one, it is not a kind of charade; it is His genuine will.
page 67: Apropos of this point Luther writes: “There are those who interpret the words (“Many are called, but few are chosen”) as follows: “Many are called” - that is, God offers His grace to many - but “few are chosen” - that is , He lets such grace come to only a few, for there are few who are saved.  Truly an ungodly interpretation!” (House Postil, St. Louis Edition, XIII a 201).
5. By Faith Alone, only by Faith
page 65: When a person does not desire to hear God’s Word, does not attend church, not even read the Scriptures, but rather pokes fun at divine matters,.... God cannot save him.  

The next post (Part 3) will continue with Universal Redemption, etc.

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