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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pieper on the Turks, Islam, Koran (true Historical Theology)

In the June 1927 issue of Lehre und Wehre, Franz Pieper commented on a report of the Associated Press about a supposed religious tolerance among the Turks (or Turkey). Here is a translation of that article as best I can produce with the help of online translation tools:
The new Turks preach tolerance, specifically citing the Koran. The Associated Press reported in early March [1927] from Constantinople: "Turkey is quietly self educationing itself in religious tolerance. Although the regulation was not published, it was well known that the government has instructed the directors of all Turkish public school religious education programs to observe in religious instruction a program that does not glorify the Muslim religion over all other religions, but also highlights the good points in other religious confessions. Under the Sultans all public schools were run by priests whose education was limited almost exclusively to the Koran. The new order is seen as a tacit application of a principle contained in the Mohammedan religion recommended by Muhammad himself, namely the recognition of Moses and Christ as prophets whose words should be taken to heart." The latter is true however.  It says in the Quran [Koran, Qur'an]: "Believers, be they Jews, Christians or Sabians [John Christians] if they only believe in God, to the Last Day, and work righteousness, then have their reward with their Lord, and neither fear nor sadness will come upon them. " (Surah 2,62, at Baier-Walther I, 130). But the Koran is a product patched together from different religions. Therefore, it is also contrary to the foregoing (Surah 3,85): "Whoever accepts a religion other than Islam, of them God does not take care, belonging in that world to the lost." It is also a fact that in the Koran is found a number of statements in which Moses and Christ are recommended as prophets. So says Surah 2,87, : "Once we revealed to Moses the Scripture, let him follow still other messengers, equipped Jesus, the son of Miriam, with conviction and gave him the Holy Spirit." On the other hand the Koran insists however that Mohammed stood over Moses and Christ and all the prophets, and is the correct interpreter of all prophets.  Surah 61,6: "When Jesus, the son of Mary said: O children of Israel, verily I am God's messenger to you, confirming what was there before me from the law, and bring the good news of an Apostle who will come after me, whose name is Ahmed [Mohammed] is."  Mohammed, as had been done before by Mani, based on the promise of the Paraclete (Holy Ghost) himself by him at the same time gave the name of Ahmed. (Ex Oriente Lux, Yearbook of the German Orient Mission, 1903, p 24) The small anti-Christ makes it like the great Anti-Christ because the papacy also recommends Moses and Christ but reserves for himself the higher supervision of both, namely their interpreter. F. P.
So we see the Koran is contrary to itself, and Mohammed would sit over Moses and Christ. And the "tolerance" of the Turks in 1927 was only a cover for the real Islam.
As to the blindness of today's world concerning Islam, one need only view the following picture and caption by the Associated Press published in a newspaper March, 14, 2012:
Although the picture clearly shows a Christian cross being burned by Afghans, yet the caption to this story makes no mention of it.  However, in the ensuing report, it states: 
...protesters in the east burned an effigy of Obama as well as a cross, which they used as a symbol of people — like many Americans — who are Christians.
It is the Afghan Islamics that raised the issue of religion in this situation which had no ties to Christianity.  And so it is quite clear which passage in the Koran is being followed by the Islamics of all ages: Surah 3,85, not Surah 2:62.

One more recent report of this was published by Newsweek Magazine in their February 13, 2012 issue. author Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote an article on the persecution of Christians in all Muslim lands, yet she is even listed as an "atheist" on the current Wikipedia page about her. Even she can see more truth than some Christians.

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