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Friday, November 25, 2011

Problems with Walter A. Maier...

(See previous post for background)
Professor Walter A. Maier (W.A.M.) was a contemporary to Franz Pieper.  He was contemporary to Theodore Graebner.  Where was W.A.M. when Theodore Graebner went public with his unionistic messages in 1938 and beyond?  He was the same as W.H.T. Dau, silent.  He could not properly defend the pure scriptural doctrine that Pieper had set down in his Christian Dogmatics volumes and the Brief Statement of 1932.  W.A.M. was a party to the modernization of the old (German) Missouri Synod.  This is not due to his use of the English language, but rather the doctrine he held.  All of his "15,000 pages" of published works don't hold well in the light of Luther's writings, in the light of Walther's wonderful sermons, essays and books, in the light of Pieper's doctrinal writings in Christian Dogmatics.

No, when the Lord brought me back to his fold, I had to go past Walter A. Maier, my namesake, and read Walther and Pieper, and Luther.  There the kingdom of heaven was pounded into my lap.  There was no watering down of God's teaching.  And although Walter A. Maier preached "Back to Luther!", it wasn't him that I listened to, even if "A World Listened".  Rather I listened to the pure Gospel without any doubts.  I listened to the defense of this Gospel against all attackers no matter how unpopular it would seem to the World.

Today, the Internet can bring the whole world to this website.  That is technology.  In Walter A. Maier's day it was radio broadcasts.  But it is not man's technology or popularity that saves, it is rather God's Word.  How can I, a single person, against all that popularity of Walter A. Maier, be his judge?  It is because I have the doctrine pure.  Although I rejoice in part of W.A.M.'s work, I have to bypass him for my ultimate assurance of salvation.  That is why it is Luther, not Walter A. Maier, that it can be said:
Luther's Doctrine Pure Shall To Eternity Endure

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