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Sunday, November 27, 2011

An error in report of Walter A. Maier (part 3 in series)

Among the statistics reported of Walter A. Maier by his son Paul L. Maier is the following:
In 1922, Maier accepted the call to become Professor of Old Testament History and Interpretation at Concordia Theological Seminary. At 29 years of age he was the youngest person to hold the rank of full professor in the institution’s eighty-three year history.
While researching the life of Franz Pieper, I noted how young he was when he was appointed to be a professor at the St. Louis Concordia Seminary.  So I decided to do some simple math and discovered that Pieper was indeed younger than Walter A. Maier in his appointment, being about the age of 26.  Another error is the name of the institution "Concordia Theological Seminary".  Because the institution W.A.M. was appointed to was in St. Louis, it had to be "Concordia Seminary".  "Concordia Theological Seminary" was located in Springfield, Illinois at that time.

So why would Paul L. Maier, W.A.M.'s son, make this error?  One could write it off to the enthusiasm of a father's son.  But I must correct this error publicly because it is one of many ways in which the modern LC-MS has ignored the bountiful Christian heritage of the old (German) Missouri Synod.

It was Franz Pieper who was the youngest man to be appointed to professorship then, not Walter A. Maier.  And who was it that was appointed to be the successor to the great C.F.W. Walther as President of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. when he died in 1887?  It was the young professor Franz Pieper, age 35.

All of this means nothing in the spiritual realm... rather it was the doctrine that makes Franz Pieper the giant that he is – The Twentieth Century Luther!

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