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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pieper's Christian Dogmatics - the greatest of all time

In the last post, Prof. Ludwig Fürbringer commented on Dr. Pieper's Christian Dogmatics extensively.  Now I must add my comment:
The 3 volumes of Christian Dogmatics (or Christliche Dogmatik in German) are the greatest publication of Christian doctrine ever! As Fürbringer pointed out, Walther wrote extensively but not a comprehensive doctrinal publication.  So it was Dr. Pieper, the Elisha to Walther's Elijah, that actually wrote the dogmatics that Walther would have wrote.  And Walther is the man who brought the true Luther, the man of faith, to our time.  I recall a statement of Walther in one of his essays: "O you Luther!".
And what did Pieper write in his Dogmatics?  One statement in his Preface to Volume I says it all:
"Modern theology has gone the way of Rome."
So it is this Dogmatics that sweeps away all "modern" theology, especially of his homeland Germany, but also in America.  It is this Dogmatics that clears away all the errors of today and sets forth the pure doctrines as God has given in the Scriptures.  As Pieper so often quotes John 10:35 in his work:
... the scripture cannot be broken

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